13th October 2017

Not letting Social Media take over my life

Social Media

This was a refreshing title to write. 

I’m sure there have been plenty of posts titled something similar, or around the lines ‘having a digital detox’ or ‘what I learnt through a digital detox’.

However, I didn’t necessarily have a ‘digital detox’. More of a ‘not posting on social media detox’ for a week.

One day, after a pretty stressful day at work. I decided to delete all my social media apps off my phone.

When I told my mum, I don’t think she could quite believe it neither.

Because I am the social media queen, according to her.

But when you work in social media from Monday to Friday from 9am until 5.30pm, the last thing I want to do is to post and scroll through MORE social media.

It’s something I’ve had to learn to refrain from doing since working in Digital Marketing, as I’ve learnt it can seriously take over your life.

I found myself coming home drained, then feeling more drained as I spent more hours focusing on writing more posts and scheduling more social media for the following day for my blog.

And because of that, I found myself getting emotional.

And I wasn’t going to let it.

So I just stopped caring. I stopped caring about posting every little detail of my life on Facebook and Twitter.

I stopped caring about posting the perfect ‘Insta worthy pic’ on Instagram.

I stopped caring that my scheduled tweets for my blog were not going out. Because I just couldn’t be bothered to spend my evening scheduling lists and lists of tweets and blog posts.

I stopped caring about what other people had to say. This isn’t me being a bitch, but does anyone actually care what people have to say on social media?

We live in a digital age. We ‘millennials’ have grown up with technology, social media and snapchat. We don’t really remember a life without it, unless you count the 90’s which was the last time we were free from it all.

So I’m trying to discipline myself to have time away from social media as much as possible once I get home from work.

Obviously, I’m not forcing myself to stop texting my friends and family, as daily communication with my friends and family is still vital.

But I’m going to stop being so concerned about posting things all the time.

Do you really care that I’m tucked in my pyjamas at 9pm, with Netflix and a cup of night tea on a Wednesday night? (Literally, a tweet I know I’ve definitely sent once or twice in the past).

Instead, I have grown a fond love of writing once again, after suffering with writers block. But instead of writing every thought I have on a device, I’ve gone back to writing with pen and paper.

There’s something so calming and satisfying about writing on paper again.

I’m surrounding myself with more books. I always say I need to read more to keep my imagination and vocabulary stimulated.

And I’m just learning that there is more to life than posting on social media constantly.

We all should take a break now and again in order to see what there is to discover in the world.

Otherwise, we’ll just spend the rest of our lives with our eyes glued to our screens.

I don’t think I’m quite over my Digital detox just yet, as I had one day of scheduled tweets, then I stopped again…

So give me time, and I’m sure I’ll be bouncing on the blogging and social media scene with all my tweets and blogs soon enough…

But for now, I have been enjoying the peace and quiet of tucking into bed with a good book and a cup of night tea (again, I swear I tweet this ALL THE TIME)

Do you benefit from having time out from social media? Can you stay away or do you find it difficult to steer clear?

I’ll be back with some more travel posts soon, including LOTS from Barcelona and those Prague blog posts I’ve bene promising you that I’m writing since May…

Speak to you all soon.

Nicole x

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