27th March 2017

My Spring Favourites

Spring is finally here!

And boy, it’s felt like we’ve been waiting forever for it!

Back in the day, I did a blog post about my Autumn Favourites which I really enjoyed writing.

I never did one for Winter Favourites because… well, apart from Christmas there is nothing nice about Winter in my opinion!

Just the smallest of things like the weather changing and being brighter, to the fact that the clocks have now gone back which means the days are longer and the evenings will be lighter!

I can already taste that cold fruit cider in the sunshine on a pub bench!

Flat shoes

I’m slowly but surely making the move from my brown boots (which I wear to death) to some flat shoes. The weather is getting warm enough to let my feet show without my feet getting too cold. I’ve recently purchased some nice brown flats to wear to work from Primark. I can’t wait to get some more flat shoes for my wardrobe.

Blue jeans

Again, over Autumn/Winter I have mostly worn black jeans. Now it’s getting lighter, I’m starting to dig out all my blue jeans. I don’t know why I do this, but I associate black jeans with Autumn/Winter time and I don’t think blue jeans go well during this time. But now, I feel comfortable wearing my blue jeans again and boy, I’ve missed them!

Lighter evenings

We’ve recently had to set the clocks back as we are now officially in Spring. We may loose an hour of sleep, but it means our days are much longer and the evenings are lighter. No more driving home in the dark, I can workout in the gym whilst it’s still light and I can actually walk to places without fearing of it being too dark to do so. Yesterday, it didn’t get fully dark until 8.30pm!


Spring time means all the lambs have been/are being born and they’re SO cute! Perks of living in the countryside means I see plenty and they’re all still so little and adorable!

Floral dresses

I’ve got my eye on so many floral dresses and I have plenty that have been hiding away in my wardrobe, so it’s finally time to get them back out and wear them! I’ve recently purchased this beautiful dress below, which was weirdly in the Winter sale!? But personally, I think this is the perfect dress for Spring and I can’t wait to wear it more!


Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it’s coming around for those that do celebrate Easter. Ofcourse, it’s a religious holiday which I fully respect after being raised in a church school, but it’s also a time when families get together for Easter dinners, days out, parades and of course it means lots of chocolate too! You can’t beat a good chocolate Easter egg!

Bank Holidays 

Spring time means it’s almost time for the first bank holidays of the year! Good Friday and Easter weekend are our first bank holidays of the year, with Good Friday landing on 14th April. For the majority of us who work full-time, this means it’s the first time we can have a long weekend and have Friday and Monday off! We’ve also got the May bank holidays approaching too. For me, I am very excited to take advantage of the long weekends!

Beer and Cider festivals

I’m not sure if this is relevant to anyone else, but in Northamptonshire: there are lots of upcoming food festivals that happen around the county. Particularly where I live, we have an upcoming beer festival, cider festival and we have a Midsummer Music Festival which usually has great music and food. I love attending these as my friends and I usually make it a thing to go and it’s a great way to enjoy the weather and to get everybody together.


Spring means that we can finally start to notice the flowers blooming again after the long Winter. All my favourite flowers including Blossoms, Tulips and Daffodils are now starting to show and it compliments the beautiful green grass we are starting to see too.

Being more social

Having lighter evenings and better weather generally means people want to make the most of the days, therefore more time to socialise. During Winter, going out can sometimes be the last thing on my mind due to it being so dark and gloomy. Now the good weather and lighter evenings are coming, it means we can take advantage of it more.

Iced Coffee

I’m starting to go from my usual hot coffee to iced coffees now and it makes me so happy! Yes, it’s probably full of sugar but I’m a sucker for a freshly brewed iced coffee! My favourites are the one’s that Costa Coffee make.

Sitting outside

I actually found myself sitting outside for the first time in what feels like forever this weekend. No more sitting in dark and gloomy spaces inside! There’s nothing quite like sitting out in the sunshine, reading a good book and drinking a refreshing beverage!

McDonalds Monopoly

I know most of us are trying to work on our Summer bodies, but I always associate Spring time with the start of the McDonald’s Monopoly. It’s addictive! I purchased my first McDonalds since the monopoly started and I actually got a voucher to redeem a McChicken sandwich or chicken nuggets, plus I won a photo book which I need to redeem online! You never know, you might get lucky this year!

Summer is approaching

Spring means that Summer is approaching! This year feels like it’s flown by so quickly already, so it’s only a matter of time until Summer is here. Summer is also when July comes around and it’s finally my birthday, so yay for that!

What’s your favourite thing about Spring? Are you looking forward to better weather, lighter evenings and warmer days?

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