Staying At Home Date Night Ideas in Northamptonshire

Valentine’s Day is coming up! What are your plans? Staying at home? Yup, us too!

Funny I should mention Valentine’s Day though, as for the last three years, Josh and I have never celebrated the occasion. No flowers, no cards, not really ever a mention!

Josh made it clear from the very start that he doesn’t need a holiday to share his love for me and you know what? I kinda like that! I like that he doesn’t need to and it actually brings a sense of confidence in our relationship. 

Plus, it’s much nicer when he surprises me with flowers when I least expect it (which he does quite often actually!)

However, since we are stuck in doors and there really isn’t much happening, I have mentioned to Josh we should do something special to mark the occasion as… we need a bit of excitement in our lives!

So if you’re looking for plans, I have put together some ideas of which I think you will really enjoy with your partner, best friend, roommate, or even something to treat yourself with!

Of course, I will be plugging some Northamptonshire local businesses too who have some lovely Valentine’s promotions going on.

Here are the best date night ideas for staying at home in Northamptonshire.

Staying at home date night ideas Northamptonshire | Nicole Navigates

Order a local takeaway and have a movie night

You can’t go wrong with a takeaway and a movie!

And Northamptonshire has plenty of local businesses offering takeaways and Valentine’s special promotions for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. 

I recently enjoyed the greek delights of My Meze BBQ who are offering Valentine’s promotion alongside Gorge Platters over Valentine’s weekend where you’ll get to enjoy their Meze Kit, plus an amazing chocolate bar too to treat your loved one (or you!)

If you want to cook something as an activity together, I also highly recommend ordering a pizza making kit from The Dough Dept who are doing special Valentine’s Day DIY Kits with Twisted Baker which include yummy cheesecake jars too!

Other takeaways you can enjoy include June Plum, La Terraza Tapas Bar, Bread & Pullet and many more who are offering Valentine’s promotions. 

For more Northamptonshire takeaway inspiration, why not check out my blog post on Local Delivery and Takeaway Services in Northamptonshire. 
The Dough Dept Northampton | Nicole Navigates
The Ganges Takeaway | Nicole Navigates
La Terraza Tapas Bar Northampton Takeaway | Nicole Navigates

Spread in bed!

The ultimate Valentine’s treat, right? Especially if you get it served by your other half!

There are plenty of breakfast, brunch and spread boxes to enjoy if you just fancy spending your Sunday Valentine’s Day in bed (I won’t judge you, it’s lockdown!)

The lovely Amy from Spread has you covered in this department, from amazing breakfast & brunch spreads, to savoury and sweet spreads depending on what you fancy! I highly recommend the pancake one!

You can also grab Valentine’s themed platter box from All That Platters Co, which is available for collection over the 12th-13th February! Kitchenn – Vegan Bakery is also a great place to order your vegan croissants if you fancy breakfast in bed too!

Have an afternoon tea and walk 

As Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, this screams having an Afternoon Tea!

The Copper Kitchen is one of your go-to’s if you’re looking for a box of Afternoon Tea goodies to enjoy! From brownies, scones, jam and all the clotted cream you want! Gemma has everything you could want from an afternoon tea spread!

Another great local suggestion is ordering a takeaway Afternoon Tea from The Orangery, Delapre Abbey. We’ve had one before and you won’t be disappointed! Other suggestions include E W Catering Solutions with their Valentine’s Afternoon tea, Absolutely Vintage with their version of an afternoon tea (and they have cheese boxes too if you fancy something savoury!) 

After you indulge in your afternoon tea, why not venture outside for your government approved walk somewhere local?

I have a bunch of suggestions for outdoor places in Northamptonshire in this blog post here.

Get the drinks in!

Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to have a few drinks to celebrate, yes? 

One of the new guys in town is NN Cocktails who are delivering cocktails straight to your door! The dream, right!? From the classics like Pornstar Martini to Old Fashioned, you can also order prosecco and beer too so you can really celebrate in style!

The Occasion Bar are also providing their usual cocktail making kits, which from experience, is so much fun and is something you can both get involved with! 

There are also plenty of local alcohol companies who you can order from if you fancy buying something local. I have a whole guide on alcohol delivery companies in Northamptonshire as well as local gin companies in Northamptonshire (because you know I love my gin!)

We have also been loving ordering from Ruby & Claret via Local Grocers for our bubble fix! Whatever you decide, chin chin the occasion!

Champange from Ruby & Claret in Northampton with two glasses | Nicole Navigates

Snuggle up with a treat box

Nothing says “I love you” than a treat box full of goodies. And Northamptonshire have plenty to get your teeth stuck into (literally!)

The Copper Kitchen deserves another mention for their array of brownie, cupcake and treat boxes! 

Just to name a few local cake companies which you can order from in Northamptonshire… In Your Face Bakes, Katie’s Cakes, Friend in Me Bakery for Vegan Treats, Brooklyn Brownies for American style brownies, Cookie Saint for indulgent cookies, Sorina Jeff’s Cakes & Bakes for cake pops…

The list is endless!

I have a whole blog post on the best cake delivery companies in Northamptonshire but I certainly need to add to it, as cake delivery companies have certainly become a big thing since lockdown

Cake box by Amy's Cakes | Nicole Navigates
Cake box by Break In Cake Northamptonshire | Nicole Navigates

Order a gourmet 3 course meal 

If you really want to go all out for the occasion, there’s a few local businesses offering a full three course dinner service! 

Hibiscus have got their Valentine’s at home menu to order and plate up at home, just like the professional chefs do! You have a whole 5 course menu to enjoy, including a bottle of Belstar prosecco too all for £135! 

Burnt Lemon Chefs have also teamed up with The Occasion Bar to bring you a full 3-course meal kit complete with a cocktail kit, delivered to your door which includes dishes like Smoked Cheddar and Cauliflower Croquette, Korean Chicken, Chocolate Fondant and for vegetarians, dishes like Carrot & Feta Gratin should tickle your taste buds for £100.

There are also 2 cocktail boxes to choose from to go with your meal, where you can create classics like Strawberry Mojitos, Chocolate Espresso Martinis, Porn Star Martini’s and with mocktail versions available. 

Another local business offering something a bit different is The Red Lion, Yardley Hastings who are offering authentic Spanish tapas for you to pick up and take home – its different from their usual British menu and it’s something we’re gonna give a go, so I can’t wait to share my thoughts!

Burnt Lemon Chefs Northampton

What will you be doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day? If you want even more romance in Northamptonshire, why not check out my Valentine’s Gift Guide from last year which has some inspiration! 

(And if you’re holding off the celebrations until we can dine out again, I have a guide on the best date night spots in Northamptonshire too!)


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