Sunday Lunch at Butchers Arms, Greens Norton

[AD – Gifted] This was a complimentary meal in exchange for an honest review

Fine day, Sunday! In my opinion, the best day of the week for a Sunday Roast! (slightly cheeky HP quote there!)

There is nothing quite like ending your weekend on a massive high by enjoying a homemade roast dinner, especially when you can visit your local pub and let them cook it all for you!

We recently visited The Butchers Arms in Greens Norton, just 2 miles away from Towcester and have made lots of changes since I last reviewed them back in October 2018. 

So you are probably thinking: “But Nicole, you’ve already reviewed the Butchers Arms. Come on gal, change it up”. But let me explain…

The Butchers Arms has recently become a 100% independent pub and restaurant, after previously being owned by The Proper Pub Co with Danny Lucas taking over the premises alongside supporters and investors help to keep this community pub alive. 

So obviously, I am pretty happy about the news that they have joined the independents which I fully support and ever since, they have been making waves and going in a new direction with their fantastic array of new menus, using local produce and hosting brilliant events. 

If you’re looking for your next Sunday Lunch fix in Northamptonshire, read on…

The Butchers Arms | Nicole Navigates

The pub ambiance

As you walk in, we were greeted by a waitress behind the bar who asked us if we wanted any drinks to take with us; which on this occasion, we just fancied taking our seats first before deciding on what we wanted.

You can tell it’s a very family-friendly pub, as there were two different families with young children sat either side of us, but also couples of different ages sat having their Sunday lunch. It’s clear that everyone and anyone can feel comfortable here.

The general ambiance is warm, friendly and you are made to feel like you’re relaxing in your own home which is really comforting and reassuring that you’re going to be well looked after.

The decor reflects the general mood and ambience of the pub itself; warm, rustic and homey. I really like the colour scheme they have going on, with the deep navy blue and stone, mixed with the wooden tables and big comfortable grey seats that you sink into when you sit down. 

The decor hasn’t changed since The Proper Pub Co took over last year and why should they; the decor doesn’t need updating in my opinion as it all looks great!

We always love how welcome we feel when we visit here and we couldn’t believe that we haven’t been for a Sunday Roast with them. 

Until now… 

The Butchers Arms | Nicole Navigates
The Butchers Arms | Nicole Navigates
The Butchers Arms | Nicole Navigates


One thing I always praise The Butchers Arms for is how different, incredibly tasty and inventive their soups are. I don’t know many other local venues who nail their soups just as much as Butchers Arms do – so it was an obvious choice for me to ask what their Soup of the Day (£5.50) was.

When the young waitress told me that it was Sweet Chilli, Coconut and Sweet Potato, my mind instantly went to “say what!?” 

But knowing how much I love their soups, I trusted the waitresses opinion and stuck to my gut. 

And I am so glad I did! The colour was a vibrant orange and the bread looked so crispy and warm. 

What an amazing combination that you wouldn’t think could work, but absolutely does! I could smell the sweet coconut mixed with the warming scent of sweet chilli as soon as it was placed on the table. 

The Butchers Arms | Nicole Navigates

The only way I can describe the taste of the soup is like a sweet, curried Korma curry with a hint of a kick. It was smooth, with no bits and with the homemade Rosemary Focaccia Bread (which I can confirm is homemade in the pub) drizzled with olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt on the side, it was a brilliant way to set the mood for the whole afternoon. 

Josh’s choice was a Bubble & Squeak Cake (£7.50) with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce drizzled on top, which literally was as it describes but tasted much nicer than your normal homemade one as it had some really rich flavours coming out. 

When I took a bite, everything really mixed well together and I especially loved the addition of the hollandaise sauce which is something I never thought would go with Bubble & Squeak 

Our starters were both presented really well, though bless the waitress for saying that the egg was delicately placed on top but slipped down due to her putting the plate down; little things like this are appreciated and show the waitress cared, but it really didn’t make a difference as it looked scrumptious. 

The roast dinner

The main course. The star of the show. The moment we had all been waiting for… 

After we finished our starters, our appetites were wet and ready to dig into a big roast dinner. Watching them come out of the door and being placed on other peoples tables was making us hungry.

For the main course/roast dinner choices, there were 7 to choose from whether you decided to go classic with dishes like Beer Battered Cod, Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto and ‘Butcher’s Burger’. 

But of course, you can choose from their 4 roast dinner options which was obviously what we were here for! 

I chose the Braised Lamb Shoulder (£15) whilst Josh chose the Suffolk Pork Loin with Crackling (£15), so two completely different choices so we could both try a bit of each others!

We also asked what red wine would go well with each meal and though Josh had already decided on a large glass of Shiraz, I had opted for a Rioja as this was recommended by the waitress who said it was one of her preferences and would go well with lamb. 

My Braised Lamb Shoulder was moist, juicy and covered in rosemary gravy; it was tender and soft that it was almost similar to pork texture.

The potatoes were big and crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, the Yorkshire pudding was clearly homemade and crumbled at the touch of my fork, but tasted amazing in my mouth.

The vegetables were all really fresh and tasted homegrown and had a hint of rosemary and garlic flavour to them which wasn’t too overpowering, but just right!

I also asked if they had any mint sauce, which for me, is essential when eating lamb and they successfully delivered a big pot for the table, plus extra gravy for the pair of us – so the staff were very good at making sure we had everything we needed. 

My Rioja had essences of vanilla which swirled perfectly with all the meaty juices coming from the lamb and which worked in perfect harmony together. 

I also asked about where the vegetables came from and they were all from local farms in Northampton, which is great to know and taste! 

Josh’s Suffolk Pork Loin with Crackling looked just as divine and when he took a bite, you could see the pure joy on his face. He mentioned pork wasn’t something he would usually choose, but just fancied it and said it was one of the best cuts of pork he had ever tasted.

The pudding

It’s always a struggle to eat pudding after a big roast dinner, but obviously, we managed to squeeze it in!

We had a look at the dessert menu which had lots of classic desserts, as well as one’s with a twist, but previously, we had both set our eyes upon the two desserts on the specials menu of that day. 

I was eyeing up the Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream, as I was curious over their choice of not having the traditional custard with crumble.

But knowing how well The Butchers Arms successfully combine flavours and textures together, I was intrigued and excited for dessert.

And it paid off: hands down, it was the BEST Apple Crumble I have ever tasted.

The big, sugary chunks of crumble, mixed with the thick slices of soft apple and apple juice soaking through the crumble was so well executed and made me melt inside – just like the Vanilla Ice cream did as it soaked through the crumble and apple in my mouth. Just pure dessert joy!

Josh opted for the Bread & Butter Pudding with Custard, which he looked like he thoroughly enjoyed as he ate it pretty quickly! I took a bite and I have to say, I’m not usually a fan of bread and butter pudding, but it was delightful!

The pudding was not too firm, but fluffy and sweet with the extra sweetness and smoothness of the custard that really completed the dessert. 

Afterwards, we sat there in full-on food coma after the three impressive courses we had just enjoyed. It’s safe to say, we were ready for a post-roast nap!

We were genuinely very impressed with the quality and the quantity of the roasts, as well as the starters and puddings.

We felt it was great value for the price for the amount of food you were given, the service was very accommodating and it was great to see a local pub like The Butchers Arms supporting local and using local produce. 

If you’re looking for a cosy pub, in a small village for your next Sunday Roast, The Butchers Arms in Greens Norton is the ideal spot to go with for the whole family where you will feel right at home – regardless of whether you’re a regular or a first-timer.

What The Butchers Arms are successful at, is creating authentic, traditional British food that everyone knows and loves, but mixing it up with new taste and flavour combinations that at first, people are hesitant over, but are proven wrong when it 100% works. 

It’s a community-led pub that’s all about bringing you in with open arms with good pub feels and tasty food. 

And with Christmas coming up, I’d say it’s high up there if you’re looking for somewhere to host you during the festive season! Check out their offers here over the Christmas period.

Have you been for a Sunday Lunch at The Butchers Arms? 

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