Sunday Lunch at Kettering Park Hotel & Spa

Fine day Sunday. In my opinion, best day of the week…

*insert Harry Potter quote*

But it’s the best day of the week, especially if it involves a Sunday Roast as good as Kettering Park Hotel & Spa‘s Sunday Lunch!

Kettering Park Hotel are fantastic at maintaining excellence when it comes to their food, as they never fail in producing traditional British hearty food that the whole family can enjoy.

Because there really is something for everyone to enjoy for Sunday lunch…

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Sunday Lunch is served in the main restaurant, which is warm and inviting, with modern exterior, vintage bookshelves and a huge mural blackboard with pictures and logos of Northamptonshire based suppliers that Kettering Park Hotel use to create their menus.

I thought this was a really nice touch and a great way to display that they are proud to be in Northamptonshire and proud to use local produce.

As we had previously enjoyed breakfast in the restaurant just about 2 hours prior, we were astonished how quickly the staff at Kettering Park changed from breakfast service to lunch service.

We were shown to our seats and already, the warming and the up-lifting smell of meat, vegetables and rich gravy were pouring out of the kitchen… we were so ready for this roast dinner (despite already had eaten a big breakfast already!)

For a Sunday lunch menu, there was a variety of options to choose from, including the ever-so-famous chef’s table that became popular during the evening before’s dinner, which was a selection of salad, fresh seafood, cured artisan meats and accompaniments.

However, we decided to go for something different as we both spotted a tomato and pesto salad with goats cheese, balsamic vinegar and rocket which we thought would wet our appetites enough, but without filling us up as we didn’t want to spoil the main event!

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It appeared small on the plate, but it was actually the perfect amount to tingle our taste buds; the perfect combination of the different riped tomatoes, the goats cheese and the rocket drizzled with balsamic vinegar made a wonderful choice of starter.

Our mouths were watering at the thought of our main courses. The roast dinner. The main event!

At Kettering Park Hotel, you have the traditional option of Sirloin of beef, cooked medium rare with carved tableside with Yorkshire pudding and rich gravy, or slightly alternative but just as traditional dishes like lemon, thyme and garlic roast chicken, pan-fried sea-bass and the vegetarian option of Beetroot risotto.

Personally, you can’t beat a traditional roast and my mum agreed; so we both went for the Sirloin of Beef.

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I can’t really put into words just how wonderful this Sunday roast was.

Everything from the tenderness of the Sirloin beef, to the way it was cooked, right to the crispiness of the Yorkshire pudding was just pure perfection.

The rich, meaty gravy complimented every item on my plate and really completed my roast dinner – only criticism I give would give would be that I wish I had more gravy on my plate!

The roast potatoes underneath the layers of beef and the huge Yorkshire pudding were crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, with a sprinkle of rosemary which gave the potatoes a really nice flavour.

The vegetables were cooked just right, not too overdone and not too underdone. I’m usually not a big fan of carrots, but these ones, I easily ate with no hesitation.

However, cauliflower is one of my favourite vegetables and they were made to be even nicer when dipped in my rich gravy.

As far as Sunday Roasts go, nothing can beat a homemade Sunday Roast around the table with family. But Kettering Park Hotel was able to offer a roast that will transport anyone into a food coma that reminds them of being back home, because not only does it fill the stomach, but it fills the heart too.

Just writing this post is making me very hungry and the thought of having a spoonful of that gravy once more is making my mouth water.

We couldn’t fit a dessert in, after all the food we had over the course of the weekend, but desserts such as clotted cream ice cream, warm sticky toffee pudding and glazed lemon tart all sounded very tempting. It just means that it gives us an excuse to come back!

Overall, I had no faults with Kettering Park Hotel’s take on a Sunday Roast. It’s an experience I won’t forget, all enjoyed in a relaxing environment that caters for everyone – including mother’s and daughters having a bonding weekend.

You can have two courses for £18.95 or three courses for £22.95.


To find out more about Kettering Park Hotels Sunday Lunch, visit their website.

Will you be heading for Sunday Lunch soon?

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