28th August 2017

A Sunday in Port Meadow, Oxford

Port Meadow

A Sunday well spent!

This isn’t really a travel guide, or me attempting to make it into a travel post. But I went on such a lovely day out yesterday exploring somewhere new with a fellow travel blogger that I wanted to write down my day – in an attempt to make it into a chatty, easy-reading post.

A short and sweet blog which I’ve written whilst drinking a glass of white wine on this restful Bank Holiday Monday.

For Bank Holiday Weekend, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I had an extra day off (as for us full-time workers, bank holiday weekends are a saint!)

And recently, I’ve met travel blogger Charlotte from Tickets and Travels for the first time after speaking lots on Twitter, who happens to be from Northamptonshire too!

I thought I’d see if she would like to do something – she suggested checking out Port Meadow in Oxford, somewhere I’ve never been before – let alone Oxford!

So I drove to Charlotte’s, we packed a picnic and we jumped into her car and headed off to Port Meadow on one of the hottest days we’ve seen in a while!

Port Meadow, Oxford

Port Meadow

Port Meadow is a large meadow of open common land in Oxford.

We arrived at Port Meadow, parked up and took a walk down the meadow where the canal runs all the way through to the River Thames and has its own canal dock. The meadow is an ancient area of grazing land which is still used for horses and farmland. But it’s now become a place for people to visit on a sunny day!

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat beside a canal, on a hot sunny day, soaking in the calm, quiet and countryside atmosphere. It was so hot that there was people actually swimming in the canal, which I was very tempted to do myself!

There was plenty of dogs (including the one that ate the sausages), canal boats, ducks and swans and it was a beautiful day and Charlotte and I were quite content in sitting by the canal and chatting.

It was so peaceful, yet I felt like I was exploring somewhere new and was able to get out and do something new.

We then decided we would get up and find a pub to sit in for a quick drink. There was two pubs we could have chosen, but one of them was so busy, there was no possible way we would find a seat!

We sat outside in a pub called the Trout Inn, somewhere in the shade as we were absolutely boiling!

Port Meadow

It was great to go somewhere new and have a chat with Charlotte as we have so much in common.

The fact that we both want to travel, giving each other advice, talking about blogging – it’s great that the Northamptonshire Bloggers Network has enabled me to meet so many local bloggers that have become really good friends.

Next time, we have said we will go to Oxford city centre, as I have never been before, but this time round it was way too hot to walk around a city centre! But I’m glad that I was able to visit a new place within the UK!

Have you ever been to Port Meadow? Would you choose to spend a day in the countryside than the city?

Thank you Charlotte for the great recommendation! I’m glad I’ve found another local blogger to go exploring with!

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