The Best Outdoor Spaces in Northamptonshire

One thing that has come from being isolated at home and being put on lockdown: we are sure making the most of walking outside and getting as much fresh air as possible.

Literally, Josh and I were talking the other day and mentioned to each other how we don’t think we have ever done so much walking in our lives since we moved in together.

We are very good at getting ourselves out of the house after a day of working and going for our government approved walk everyday, which we usually take an hour doing.

And we have discovered some beautiful wide open country spaces right on our doorstep of which we would have never seen before if it weren’t for our own curiosity taking us there. 

During lockdown, we did a lot of walks around Towcester and South Northamptonshire area, but now lockdown is easing, we are still enjoying nice walks together and what Northamptonshire has to offer – I mean, we have some of the BEST green spaces!

Here’s a couple of outdoor spaces I love walking around: 

Wood Burcote

This is one place where we are navigating more often, as this is the nearest place where we are finding ourselves walking more often. But we didn’t always know this place existed!

Wood Burcote is a village near Towcester and it’s so picturesque – you wouldn’t really know it’s there until you find it. It’s also surrounded by the Redrow New Estate which has some pretty impressive houses if you’re into that. 

We’ve found a beautiful grass area with a picnic bench, which follows a beautiful woodland area filled with bluebells which lots of you went mad for in my Instagram DM’s and thought this was Everdon – though there’s similarities, this is very much not. 

It’s a pretty quiet area too with lots of greenery, hidden woodland walks and a stone’s throw away from the town. 

Click here to see it on Google Maps. 

Abington Park

I’ve seen so many people walking around Abington Park recently and I’m missing it so much! 

Abington Park is one of Northampton’s most wide open spaces, which hosts Abington Park Museum as well as the Park Cafe (which is open but is practising social distancing measures) but you can still walk around and enjoy the green land that’s on offer around the park.

The park is currently looked after and maintained by Northampton Borough Council and is one of Northampton’s oldest and most popular parks. It includes lots of flower displays, lakes, a garden for the blind and when the lockdown is over, the bandstand proves to be a wonderful stage for events and bands to perform on it across the year. 

But as of now, it makes for a great walk if you’re local to that part and I bet with all the trees and flowers out during the Spring, it looks just lovely!

Visit the website for more info. 

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Harlestone Firs

I haven’t been to Harlestone Firs in years, since I was at my first job in digital marketing; so I was reminded on social media about the place and luckily, we managed to make a trip just before the lockdown happened. 

Every time you visit, you will always find a new walkway to discover and it’s an incredibly popular dog walking spot in Harlestone, not too far from The Fox & Hounds and a 10 minute drive from Northampton Town Centre. 

You will never get bored of all the tall trees, beautiful scenery and if you venture far enough, you’ll find some pine trees that just remind you of Christmas trees! 

You can park in the layby opposite the garden centre and there’s never been a problem with spaces when I have visited. 

Stanwick Lakes

Stanwick Lakes is a countryside park and nature reserve which hosts a whole bunch of adventure attractions but due to Covid-19, the activities are currently shut but the park is open for everyone to walk, cycle or take picnics at.

We’ve been to Stanwick before where we enjoyed watching movies by the lake and it has a stunning view of the lake itself and it’s a popular attraction for cyclists. 

Currently, the outdoor toilets and refreshment kiosks are open too. 

The car park is now open from 7am to 5pm as well as their toilets and their kiosk bar, with social distancing measures in place. 

Check out the website here for more updates. 

Grand Union Canal (Stoke Bruerne) 

Another favourite walk of mine and Josh’s if you’re looking to avoid crowds. If you head past Blisworth and towards Stoke Bruene, you will find the Grand Union Canal walk. 

Did you know, the Grand Union Canal links London to Birmingham, passing through the countryside and comes here in Stoke Bruerne which is run by the Canal and River Trust. It’s also home to the Canal Museum! 

The Grand Union Canal walk has to be one of the prettiest and picturesque walks to go down, with the small bridge with a view of both sides of the canal, where you can see the river boats passing by, plus, if you walk a bit further up, you’ll find a whole secluded section of pathway walks and greenery.

It’s easy to park up by the pub and Josh and I have spent many evenings, enjoying the walks and switching off from social media. 

Check out the website here for more info. 

Delapré Park

Delapre Park is the home of Delapre Abbey, the stately home in Northampton and whilst the house itself isn’t open to the public, you can still enjoy all the woodland and green spaces on offer around the park. 

You don’t realise just how big Delapre Park is until you actually walk around. If you go further enough, you’ll reach the beautiful lake which has a stunning view and you can easily get lost walking around it’s many routes. 

You can also enjoy what’s to see in the Delapre Gardens which were once the pride and joy of the Tate and Bouverie families and currently hosts a large walled garden, with a superb selection of trees, flowers, a water garden and greenhouses. 

Currently, The Orangery is open for takeaway coffees and food, which you can enjoy at the park if you’re looking to enjoy a picnic (but please ensure you put your litter in the bin!) 

Visit their website for more information

Greens Norton Pocket Park

This is one that isn’t well known, but if you live near South Northamptonshire, is a lovely place for a walk. 

Greens Norton Pocket Park is a 2 hectare local nature reserve and is owned and managed by Greens Norton Parish Council and is full of very cute features. From a former brick pit with a pond, wetlands, grassland and woods.

I used to come here a lot when I was younger and my friends and I enjoyed many picnics at the various picnic benches and tables, so ideal if you’re looking for somewhere secluded to go for one. 

You can also access Bury Hill if you walk further enough too. 

Click here to see it on Google Maps. 

Foxfield Country Park

A Northampton walk you should know about if you haven’t been there yet. 

Foxfield Country Park is based near Grange Park and you wouldn’t think it exists, as it’s right at the bottom of a big housing estate on Foxfield Way. 

There’s a good amount of parking too, in front of the actual park itself, or down the road and you wouldn’t believe just how big the park is! 

If you visit just at the right time of year, you will be treated to a beautiful sight of colourful flowers that is the most instagrammable space ever! 

Click here to see it on Google Maps. 

Towcester Racecourse (via Heathencote) 

Another recent discovery considering I have lived in this area for 12 years! 

We found a whole new countryside walk, which has rolling hills filled with sheep and lambs, with a stunning view of the Towcester Racecourse. 

It’s easily accessible from either the front of the racecourse on London Road A5, or you can take a longer walk around Heathencote, walk down (safely) down the road and you’ll reach the back entrance of the racecourse with the rolling hills as a view. 

I’d prepare yourself with some good walking boots or shoes, but it’s certainly a lovely walk to take if you’re into big country walks. 

Click here to see it on Google Maps.

If you find some pretty walks, outdoor spaces, or you love snapping the cherry blossoms currently coming out to play, why not share your photos on Instagram and use my hashtag #NavigatingNorthants.

 I’m still actively using my hashtag, so whether you’re at home or you’re on your daily walk, I’d love to see your photos! 

Where are your favourite outdoor spaces to navigate to?


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