1st March 2018

Thursday Thoughts: Snowing in March?

Happy first day of the month! 

Can you believe it’s the first day of March and we have snow falling!?

It’s meant to be Spring, not Christmas!

I get it. Snow can be pretty, but it’s pretty at Christmas time and makes everything feel festive. Not the first month of Spring!

The Beast from the East needs to go. 

Anyways, this week has felt slow (I blame the snow because everyone else is blaming the snow) in terms of the days dragging. Life feels like it’s been moving in slow motion lately and I’m not sure why it feels like it.

Everything feels the same, there’s no movement and I feel like I’m kinda stuck in one place in terms of my day-to-day role and activities.

I’m not sure what I need to do in order to stop feeling like this. Maybe it’s just ‘one of those weeks’ or maybe I need to have a serious think as to why I’m not feeling as satisfied with things right now.

Apart from being a slow week, there’s been some happy highlights this week too:


Getting highlights back ??

Just after the madness of my car breaking down and panicking over what had happened, I went and got my hair done again. Back in October, I got highlights in my hair for the first time, so I went and returned to Zig Zag’s in Towcester to get them done again.

I’m not sure what I loved more: getting my hair done, or getting a back massage and a head massage whilst getting my hair done.

Thai Food ?

My Thai food virginity has gone, as I went for my first ever experience of Thai food with Josh and his dad over the weekend.

We tucked into Chicken Panang Curry, Chicken Satay, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Steamed Dumplings, Garlic Rice and crackers all washed down with wine. I had never really tried Thai food before, but I’m glad I was introduced to it.

It was delicious and I now have a new favourite place for Thai that’s local to where Josh lives.

Costco ?

I’ve never been to Costco before until now.

It’s literally got EVERYTHING! We even got a huge slice of pizza, which was literally as BIG as my head!

Oh, and I got a photo with a giant monkey…

Booking a trip to Liverpool ??

We finally booked a trip! Well… I did… 

I was having one of those moments at work where I was getting impatient and I wanted to have some travel plans to look forward to. And Josh and I have been saying about going to Liverpool for a weekend, as I have never been before but he has. So thanks to booking.com, I went and had a little browse at some deals and I booked something.

So yeah, I guessed I booked an impulsive trip! Thank god Josh was perfectly okay with my impulsiveness!

But I’m so pleased we’ve got a little Easter break to look forward to together because I love the look of the apartment we are staying in! 

Coco ??

We watched the new Pixar film, Coco in the cinema this weekend.

And oh my god… I don’t think I’ve cried at a Pixar film since Toy Story 3 when Andy says goodbye to his toys.

I didn’t expect it to be SO GOOD. But the film was full of colour and music, it had a touching storyline and it even had shock factor to the film which made it even better.

I highly recommend you go and see it because trust me, you will cry. 

Snow falling ❄️

Okay okay, I admit it. The snow has been very pretty, despite my earlier rant.

I mean, without the snow, I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to take this photo.

Colouring books ✏️

I’ve been spending less time on social media in the evenings and have been putting my efforts into colouring in books.

I’ve found it so therapeutic and it’s great to put all my energy into something creative as opposed to scrolling through my phone all night.

Jewellery Gifts ?

I was sent some beautiful jewellery pieces by ChloBo Jewellery and Steffans Jewellers, in preparation for their Mother’s Day event which I am attending this weekend in Northampton.

I received a beautiful bracelet with wings on from Steffans, along with a rose gold charm bracelet from ChloBo. both of which make for beautiful gifts and what I’m looking forward to wearing on Saturday.

Media kits and graphics

I had a very productive evening updating my Media Kit and making graphics for my blog.

I’ve expressed how I’m not a full-time blogger, I work full-time and although my blog is only a part-time thing, I still want to be taken seriously in the influencer world. So I guess it’s baby steps to prove that I mean business and that I can be my own boss.

Smooth Radio

We’ve recently been listening to a lot of Smooth Radio in the office at work and it’s become my favourite radio station.

Sure, it plays the same songs over and over, but it plays some epic feel-good songs.

Songs that make you want to sing, fist pump the air and go all soppy over.

Happy Thursday and I hope you make through the last working day before Friday!

Nicole x

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