13th November 2018

What’s a travel blogger to do with no travel plans?

Travel plans
Travel plans

News flash: I have no travel plans for the rest of 2018.

And it's making me have itchy feet!

2018 has been a quieter year for travel compared to 2017, but no less fun or exciting as rather than all the solo adventures I had last year. As this time around, I got to do the majority of my travelling plans with Josh by my side.

But it might be November and we are literally weeks away from saying goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019, but as I scroll through Instagram and Twitter, I am seeing how other travel bloggers are currently out on holiday or on press trips and seem to have another 3 trips planned for the rest of this year.

Full honest blogger disclaimer: I do get a little bit jealous because obviously, I'd rather be on holiday in Spain sipping a cocktail or exploring a new city than in cold, rainy England drinking a smoothie at my desk.

Doesn't everyone though!?

Anyways, back to the main point: we might be inches away from 2019, but I feel like I'm ending 2018 with no exciting travel plans and as a 'travel blogger', it makes me feel guilty and almost a fake for advertising myself as a travel blogger when I've hardly been on any trips this year.

So what do I do to get over the travel wanderlust and itchy feet syndrome?

Travel plans

My last trip with Josh was back in September when we went on our Scottish Highland road trip, where we stopped off in Edinburgh and stayed in the Orkney Islands once again.

Already, that feels so long ago since we did this trip. Only 2 months have passed and yet it feels like 6 months have gone past.

And unfortunately, I have no annual leave left at work, so I guess I am left in a bit of a pickle.

But here's what I am doing instead to keep up with my 'travel blogging' content as well as keep myself occupied with things to do up till the end of the year:

Plan local day trips

They say you don't know what's on your doorstep until you start looking.

There are still parts of Northamptonshire that I haven't properly spent the day at, which have plenty of things to do and things to offer during a day visit.

I am yet to explore more of what Kettering and Corby have to offer. Living in Towcester, we are much more south Northamptonshire compared to north Northamptonshire where these places are based.

But also, living where I live, I am incredibly lucky to live so near to places like Peterborough, Bedford and Oxford; where Josh and I are actually planning to go on a Saturday or Sunday for the Christmas markets.

So I guess I don't need to jump on a plane to travel or explore new places. I can do all that right on my doorstep.

Travel plans

Request travel vouchers or money for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and as usual since being in my early 20's, I never know what to say to my nearest and dearest to get for me.

One of the things I have suggested for my family to get for me this year is either money to go towards a holiday or to give me airline vouchers or holiday vouchers.

Another thing Josh and I have said that we are tempted to do this Christmas, is that instead of buying each other gifts, we save our money up and book a holiday together on Christmas Day.

That way, we both know that's something we really want to do together and it's a great gift to give one another instead of material objects.

We want to fill our lives with experiences, not things.

Stay away somewhere local for the night

In December, Josh and I are staying at Kettering Park Hotel for the night. I have previously been before and absolutely loved it, so I am taking Josh with me for a mini break.

Yes, Kettering is a 40-minute drive from me. But when you're staying in a fancy hotel, it really doesn't matter on the location because you do feel like you're away on holiday.

We are going to celebrate our one year anniversary together, where we are going to treat ourselves to some spa treatments and dinner afterwards.

So if you're looking for an excuse to get away, or want to get the 'holiday vibe' without escaping the country, why not book somewhere local to stay for the night?

The benefits are that it's local, it can be cheap if you book in advance and you don't have to travel far to get there. Win win!

Travel plans

Get planning for next year!

If you can wait until next year, then get started on your travel plans for next year right now!

I love having the satisfying feeling of knowing I have things to look forward to months in advance (even if it kills me over how long away it is) it's nice to know that you have things planned and booked ahead of the year.

Josh and I are yet to sit down and plan what we are doing for our holiday/s, but I want to also try and plan weekends away or day trips with friends too.

So far, all Josh and I have planned is a 3 day break in London in January for Josh's relative's wedding, but we'll still get a chance to explore London ourselves before the big day.

Other places on the bucket list for next year is a hot week away where I can sunbathe and drink cocktails somewhere like Tenerife or Ibiza, another European weekend away somewhere like Budapest, or a return to Prague and/or Amsterdam and perhaps somewhere new for a week away later on in the year like Croatia or explore northern France.

So many travel plans, so little time...

Are you a travel blogger that's guilty of not travelling enough? Are you already planning where you're jetting off to next year? Let me know your thoughts...

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