3rd June 2017

Travelling with Topdeck Travel

I’ve just come back from one of the most amazing week’s of my life.

Despite feeling completely shattered, I needed to write about this while it’s still fresh in my mind.

A few weeks ago, I announced that I had booked myself my first solo trip where I would be travelling to Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam in a week. It was a short but sweet trip that was going to give me a chance to see each country, but not going too long as I wanted to give myself a taster before I went on a longer trip.

The trip was a success and I didn’t quite realise just how much I would love it!

I’m eventually going to be writing up posts from the three locations: Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam but in the meantime, this is a general overview on what you can expect on a Topdeck tour.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I went away with an open mind and I have come back with my expectations surpassed!

I booked my trip through Topdeck travel, who specialise in trips for 18-30 year old’s in Europe, USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand and Africa and the Middle East. There was so many options for tours that it was hard to pick!

I eventually chose to go on ‘The Bohemian Trail’ as it was a short and sweet trip, plus I couldn’t take many more days off due to work. Plus, I was able to pay off my trip over a course of time as Topdeck give you the option to either pay a deposit and then pay as you go up till a certain date, or you can choose to book the trip in full.

From the word go, Topdeck were able to update me on my accommodation, meeting points and agenda through my own travel documents, plus once I was in Prague, my tour leader was able to update us that they were running late but would be with us shortly through their own mobile app.

Plus, the coaches were AWESOME! They were super comfortable, had portable chargers so we can charge our electronics on long journeys, good music plus in-coach entertainment like DVD’s. I never realised just how funny 22 Jump Street was on a 10 hour journey from Berlin to Amsterdam!

I knew I was going to enjoy myself and meet people, but I didn’t quite realise what impact this trip would have on me.

It gave me the chance to feel free again, to explore some amazing cities and the people that were on this trip with me made it even more of an experience as I was able to meet like-minded people. Despite the fact I wasn’t aware that I was joining on the end of another tour which they had been on the road for 2 weeks by the time they reached Prague, it didn’t matter because everyone made me feel super welcome and made me instantly part of the Topdeck Family.

Jezza was our tour guide and she was fantastic from the word go! She was able to make me feel extremely welcome, helped me settle in by guiding me through what to expect during the week and she was incredibly professional, with lots of information on each of the locations we visited, but she was able to have a laugh with us all!

I hope I get to go on another Topdeck tour where Jezza is tour leader!

Each location was unique in it’s own way and Jezza was able to give us a great overview on what we should expect in each location, gave us recommendations for great places to get food and drink and what attractions we should visit whilst in each location.

The trip was incredibly organised, as we always knew what time we needed to meet to get on the coach to go to the next location. We were always informed on where to meet if we were doing any walking tours, going out for dinner etc. We communicated through a Facebook group which we are still communicating on now (reunion maybe?) which was useful for when our tour leader posted useful transport information.

The activities that were included were SO good! From walking tours in Prague and Berlin, to a Bike Tour and Clogs and Cheese demonstration in Amsterdam, we pretty much crossed off lots on our bucket list thanks to the activities that Topdeck provided and offered as optional activities.

Along the way I met some awesome people. From Australia and New Zealand, to America, Canada and even South Africa! Some had travelled before, others this was their first time in Europe. It was fascinating to hear about their previous travel stories, what they do for a living and find out more about their lives back home.

We had so much banter, from dancing to the wake-up coach song ‘Hey Mamma’ even when we were sleep deprived, to the fun drunken nights out in the amazing cities and then finding out the gossip out the next morning and who “did laundry” (inside joke!)

I am so happy that I got to meet every single person I came across on the tour, as I got along with everyone and I have now made friends with people from across the globe, which means if I ever decide to plan a trip to Australia/New Zealand, then I’m going to have people to go and see now!

I would highly recommend Topdeck for single travellers who are looking for an epic experience they won’t forget. As I’ve said before, I knew I would love the trip, but I didn’t quite realise just how big of an impact this trip would have on me. It’s changed me as a person and it’s made me so much more confident. Plus, if you’re a first time traveller like me, I would strongly recommend going with Topdeck if you want to travel, but are unsure about planning everything yourself. This is a great way to get you started and now I feel like I can plan my own trip.

Basically, the world is now my oyster. If I can do this, I can do anything.

Thank you to everyone who made this trip the best trip EVER. I wish it was longer and I wish I was able to do the whole 20 day tour with everybody, but it was short and sweet and I’m already suffering major post-trip blues. I would thank everyone individually, but each person that was on the trip gave me a reason to smile.

In the words that are written on the John Lennon Wall in Prague: Here’s to the nights we won’t remember, with the friends we won’t forget. 

And that is something I will hold with me forever.

I’m excited to book my next Topdeck tour. Whether that’s another European trip later on this year to see countries I didn’t get to see this time round, or perhaps a bigger tour in the USA or Australia/NZ, I promise you that this won’t be the last time I travel with Topdeck.

*UPDATE* I’ve booked my next Topdeck Tour to Iceland for New Years Eve!

But I certainly won’t forget about my first ever Topdeck family.

I’ll be writing up separate blog posts on each location, so keep your eyes peeled on them! Or if you can’t wait that long, you should check out my Instagram where I’ve been posting travel pictures everyday and what I will be posting for the foreseeable future!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to listen to ‘Hey Mamma’ by the Sunstroke Project on repeat over and over again.

But for now, to the people who I was lucky enough to experience this week with: it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.

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Nicole x

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