What is a CluedUpp Games experience?

AD – I work for the company and this blog post contains affiliate links. This doesn’t affect my opinion.

You know me: I’m always up for finding new, unique and exciting things to do in the local area.

Now if you don’t know already, I do actually work for CluedUpp Games as a digital marketing executive but I can honestly say I’ve never been so passionate about a company that I work for and as always – I only share things on here that I genuinely believe in and have done myself!

So excuse me whilst I dedicate a whole blog post about CluedUpp Games (because I think we’re awesome!)

For those who are not familiar with what we do…

CluedUpp Games is an interactive outdoor event that brings people together in a completely unique way.

Our events are a mix of escape room-style puzzles, immersive features and scavenger hunts that are designed to be played in teams of up to six people (with kids under 16 attending for free).

We currently have several different themes, including Alice in Wonderland, The Smurfs Great Escape and Beauty and the Beast (and we’re going to be launching more this year!)

Having played an event myself in the past, I’m constantly pestering my family and friends to take part in an event when it comes locally because it’s truly unique!

If you want some further reasons why you should give a CluedUpp event a go and book, here you go:

Take part in a unique adventure

If you are looking for a unique adventure, CluedUpp Games is a perfect choice.

You get to gather your friends and family outside in an area of your choice and you get to take part in familiar-themed stories in a way you’ve never experienced before.

What other event gets you exploring your city streets, device at hand with a GPS map that allows you to navigate around, find points of interest, solve clues and uncover the mystery?

All the storylines for the themes have been written and created in-house and for a bonus, you can wear fancy dress (whatever you want) to really immerse yourself in the chosen theme.

You also have a chance to win prizes for the best team name, best fancy dress, fastest team and other categories so it’s truly a great day out.

It’s great for big groups

CluedUpp Games events are perfect for groups of all sizes and can be enjoyed by multi-generations.

Whether you are planning a team-building event or a family outing, their events are designed to be enjoyed by everyone. With a range of different puzzles and challenges, everyone in your group will have the opportunity to participate and contribute to the overall experience.

Each team covers 2-6 adults and children under 16 can play for free and aren’t included in the team numbers, so the more the merrier! If you have more than 6 people who want to participate, you can simply join forces and have two teams.

Also you can choose to go at your groups pace; race against the clock to become the fastest team winners, or you can pause the game anytime to take a break, grab some food from a local establishment and figure out your findings.

A chance to explore your local area

Now this is a reason I can get behind as a local lover!

If you are looking for a chance to explore your local area, CluedUpp Games events are a perfect choice.

Their adventures take you on a journey through the streets and landmarks of your city, giving you the opportunity to see your home in a new light.

You will get to explore areas you may never have visited before and learn new things about your local area.

For example, we have plenty of events that come to Northampton and Bedford – each themed event has tailored points of interest and nods to the local area.

Take part in a range of puzzles, mini-games and more!

CluedUpp Games events are designed to challenge your mind and test your problem-solving skills.

With a range of different puzzles and challenges, you will need to work together with your team to decipher clues and solve the mystery. Mini-games can range from you blowing into, tapping or speaking into your device.

If you play The Smurfs Great Escape, you can even get a selfie with an AI Smurf!

It’s the perfect way to put your brain to the test and have fun at the same time.

It’s great value for money

CluedUpp Games events are great value for money.

As mentioned previously, one team ticket covers 6 adults (and unlimited children under 16 can play for free) for one price of £60. That’s £10 per person!

But if you want an extra discount code, I’m giving Nicole Navigates readers a 60% discount which means you’ll only pay £36 – bargain! Just use the code NICOLENAVIGATES upon checkout.

You can head to the events schedule by clicking here to browse all the events on offer.

I personally would recommend it if you’re looking for something unique to do on a Saturday.

Would you take part in a CluedUpp event? Let me know in the comments!

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