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Whittlebury Hall Food Guide | Nicole Navigates

Some of these items have been gifted for the purpose of this blog post but my thoughts and opinions are all the same!

Have you ever wondered what tasty, culinary delights are behind the doors at Whittlebury Park? Believe you can only be a guest at the hotel to enjoy them? Absolutely not! Whittlebury Park has plenty of foodie treats for you enjoy for any occasion! 

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I have LOVED working with Whittlebury Park. A brand that has truly got me, my brand and my mission and was so great in having honest and reliable chats with to discuss what collaborations would work best for us – so it’s really fantastic to be doing a unique blog post for them: The Whittlebury Park Food Guide!

As you know, my Northants Food Guides have been going since March 2018 and have been going strong ever since, so it made perfect sense to create a dedicated Northants foodie guide for Whittlebury Park.

Whittlebury Park has plenty to offer with their 4* facilities such as the leisure centre and spa, the golf course that sits on the rolling hills of the Northamptonshire countryside and the fantastic events they hold throughout the year.

But there are also becoming the ultimate foodie location and from visiting them over the years and for this recent collaboration, it’s easy to see why! So here is my full guide on what and where you can eat & drink at Whittlebury Park:

Breakfast at Aston’s

We enjoyed a Full English Breakfast when we stayed at Whittlebury Park as part of their Gourmet Getaway in Aston’s which I vividly remember serving in as a Food & Beverage Assistant back in 2010-2011 – so it was very nostalgic to eat breakfast as a guest in here.

Aston’s offers a very relaxing, laid back atmosphere with plenty of seating to accommodate for anyone, whether you’re a guest, meeting colleagues over business breakfasts or visiting for leisure for a classic breakfast.

There’s nothing that isn’t at the ready when it comes to choosing your breakfast and Whittlebury are great at combining a winning blend of classic and contemporary dishes that everyone can enjoy.

Whether you fancy a continental breakfast of toast and complementary preserves like strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant jam, marmalade and even marmite (my favourite!) to a selection of cheeses and cured meats, fresh beefy tomatoes, warm pastries that are fresh out of the oven and colourful platters of fruit that are refreshing to your eyes and your taste buds.

Or you can opt for a Full English Breakfast to get you going, with all the trimmings such as bacon, fried, scrambled and poached, eggs.

The Aston’s Restaurant is open for breakfast from 7am – 10am Monday, 7am – 9:30am Tuesday to Friday and 8am – 10:30am on weekends and bank holidays.

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Light bites at The Terrace Cafe

If you’ve just come from the leisure centre, a dip in the pool, or from an indulgent spa treatment, then the Terrace Cafe is the place to go if you’re feeling peckish or thirsty.

The Terrace Cafe is a glorious, spacious, light cafe that is located by the Leisure Club and allows everyone to relax whether by the poolside or inside their snug cafe area. There are lots of comfy chairs and sofas, so you can properly sink in and relax… and what’s better? You can eat and drink too!

Last time we visited, we came straight from relaxing in the pool when we fancied a light bite and noticed they were selling sandwiches and I couldn’t take my eyes off the Cheese and Pickle one which came with three layers of bread, filled with cheese, pickle, lettuce and tomato.

There’s a range of light snacks to enjoy in the comfort of thr Terrace Cafe from sandwiches, salads, jacket potatoes and much more. You can also grab a slice of cake and coffee too!

The Terrace Cafe is open weekdays from 7:30am – 9:30pm and on weekends from 8:30am – 7:30pm.

Lunch at The Silverstone Bar 

The Silverstone Bar is a place for everyone and for every occasion, but it’s definitely a great place to enjoy drinks whether over a business meeting, or a few cocktails whilst enjoying the leisure facilities.

The Silverstone Bar is notably called this due to it’s amazing decor filled with photos of previous Silverstone Grand Prix racers, legends and more. It could be it’s own memorabilia museum on it’s own for anyone who is a big Grand Prix fan!

So it’s a great place to meet for lunch meetings. When I first met the lovely Chantelle, we enjoyed a nice working lunch together where I tucked into a creamy Chicken Ceaser salad with crunchy croutons which was a delightful, light lunch.

Josh and I also enjoyed a cocktail or two when we stayed here during the Gourmet Getaway and with all the atmosphere around us, it’s a super laid back bar to sit and enjoy anything from pre-dinner drinks, light meals or afternoon tea (more on this below!)

The Silverstone Bar is open every day from 8am.

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Fine Dining at Murray’s

I don’t say this often or lightly, but Murray’s has to be the best food I have ever eaten! It’s extraordinary!

Head Chef, Harvey Lockwood, knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to combining great tastes, flavours, textures and local ingredients together to create an award-winning menu fit for anyone who loves the finer things in life.

You start by entering a quiet, secluded room where you’re under no pressure to choose your menu options, whilst you enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail – which really sets the tone for the whole evening.

You are soon escorted to the intimate and relaxing dining area, where waitresses come by to bring your chosen drinks, bottles of wine etc whilst you just sit back, relax and wait to have an evening to remember.

I have never felt so relaxed in an environment that most would feel – fine dining certainly doesn’t mean you feel uncomfortable and the staff at Murray’s ensure you are completely looked after – I never felt like I had to reach or ask for anything because the staff would always ensure they were one step ahead of you.

And the food: my goodness. I have never felt so many good, fuzzy emotions and tasted so many gorgeous flavours whilst eating a meal. There are no words for what you experience at Murray’s, so I guess you have to come by and try it yourself!

It’s fine dining with a difference that is open from Wednesday – Sunday 7:30pm – 9:30pm. Find out how to book here.

Afternoon Tea at Silverstone Bar

On this occasion, my mum and I enjoyed Afternoon Tea in the Silverstone Bar, which once again, was full of people who were there for different reasons, but offered a mixed vibe that we could sit back and relax in. 

Whittlebury’s Afternoon Tea is a twist on the classic Afternoon Tea, whilst still having traditional elements that you will know and love. You are given the option of traditional English tea, a brewed coffee, or a selection of fruit teas and soft drinks, for those who don’t do hot drinks.

Whittlebury Hall Food Guide | Nicole Navigates
Whittlebury Hall Food Guide | Nicole Navigates

You get presented a wonderful three-tier display of Afternoon Tea; starting from the bottom where we had chicken tikka wraps, peppery and flaky sausage rolls and cream cheese bites.

We noticed the obvious missing item that was sandwiches, which you usually find in an Afternoon Tea but we felt this was a good thing that made this Afternoon Tea so different!

We also had our traditional sultana and plain scones, for whatever took our fancy, which were sweet, crumbly and warm straight out of the oven that every time we took a bite, we were instantly taken to a moment of pure pleasure!

The strawberry jam and clotted cream, were, of course, a great addition and I found there was plenty of leftovers, meaning we could spread our whole scone to the brim.

And finally, on top, a Willy Wonka-esque display of sweets, cakes and delights from chocolate and gingerbread mousse which came in little pots and topped with a chocolate decoration which was rich and creamy to the taste and texture, to crumbly apple tarts and a velvety, violet coloured covered cake!

My highlight from the top tier was the zesty, soft lemon macron topped with meringue which gave me all the sweet tingles on my tongue!

The Afternoon Tea offered a great balance between sweet and savoury and we found ourselves too full to eat most, but our lovely waitress was able to give us a box to take the rest home with us – so always worth noting if you can’t finish it all off!

I can’t talk about Afternoon Tea without giving kudos to Sue, our lovely and accommodating waitress who was just a delight! I hope if you come for Afternoon Tea, you are given the same bubbly and happy experience that Sue gave us when you enjoy Afternoon Tea.

Afternoon Tea is often enjoyed at the Silverstone Bar or Bentleys Lounge and is available to book via their website and available all year round. Check out this page on how to book Afternoon Tea.

Sunday Carvery at the Atrium

Looking for a Sunday Carvery in Northamptonshire? Whittlebury Hall have got you sorted! 

Before visiting, I never even knew that Whittlebury Hall offered this as their hotel guest and non-guest experience – but I am so glad they do as it means I have a fabulous carvery to visit which is up the road!

The Atrium is one of Whittlebury’s finest buildings that hosts golf tournaments and networking events, but it’s also a place which serves Sunday Carvery every week!

You can enjoy an array of starters, three delicious traditional roast portions of meats from chicken, beef and lamb (which was served when we visited) with roasted vegetables, roast potatoes, mash and all the traditional elements that make a 10/10 carvery.

On this occasion, I enjoyed their soup of the day which was leek and potato which was wholesome, piping hot and perfect for warming your bones and heart. Follow this on with a full Carvery, you come away feeling super full and satisfied.

If you have room (and somehow we did after all this!) you can squeeze in a dessert where Whittlebury offer a variety of sweet treats to finish the meal off splendidly.

Sunday Carvery at the Atrium is £16pp for two courses and £19.95 for three courses and booking is essential. Tables of 8 or more people will be charged a deposit of £10. You can view a sample menu here.

So that’s a wrap up of all the foodie attractions you can go and visit at Whittlebury Hall; as I have mentioned, you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy these culinary delights.

Whittlebury Hall want to ensure everyone is welcome to eat, rest and enjoy what’s on offer and I think as a local independent hotel, we should celebrate this and appreciate having such a fantastic local venue on our doorstep.

Where will you be heading to eat at Whittlebury Hall? 


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  • Jerry says:

    Good to see this.
    I probably live closer to Whittlebury than you do, but have been thinking of taking my wife there for a spa weekend.
    Last time we ate there was at a music event and the food was not good. Looks like you had a much better experience.

  • Jane Fletcher says:

    Would thoroughly recommend Murrays. Food glorious and the whole experience makes for a special evening. Fantastic cheese board. Lots of little extras.