3rd July 2019

Why a girls holiday to Tenerife was needed

Tenerife | Nicole Navigates

I’m back from a week of fun in the sunny Tenerife and I feel the week off was exactly what the doctor ordered. LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA GUYS!

I haven’t been to Tenerife since 2015, when I went with my family which was in fact, our last family holiday together - so going with two of my best girl friends was definitely a different type of holiday all together, but still just as restful!

With so much going on latley from changing jobs, sorting stuff out for the new house and moving out, it was sometimes getting a bit too overwhelming - and when there's so much going on in my life, I tend to get very emotional which doesn't make for a happy Nicole (even though everything happening in my life was all positive and good, the emotion of it all can sometimes get me down).

I’ve also found blogging a challenge recently, due to all this happening which has made be (stupidly) feel guilty about not putting out fresh content or updating my website or organising my newsletter, when I should be focusing on my life. I love blogging and I know once this blog post is out, I'll get my mojo back!

This is why the holiday was really such a blessing, because it made me forget about all the adult things going on in my life for a short moment and made me feel myself again.

So here are my reasons why a girls holiday was just what I needed and why it was beneficial for my mental health:

Tenerife | Nicole Navigates

I was forced to turn off social media

Typically, with most European hotels I’ve stayed in, their WiFi can sometimes not be the strongest - therefore, I didn’t rely much on the WiFi and found myself using my 4G as of when.

However, my 4G slowly took its toll which meant finding public WiFi spots when out and about was a rarity. But this meant when we were at the hotel, I wouldn’t be scrolling through social media, checking Twitter, uploading to Instagram as much, or worrying about of the usual things I worry about with my online presence.

I’m always saying how I’m trying to find ways to switch off from social media, so the fact I was kinda forced to made me switch off completley and I found myself feeling so refreshed. Sometimes scrolling through social media can make me feel overwhelmed.

I think going to Tenerife has made me want to take more regular social media breaks when I can, especially that I live, breathe, love and work in social media!

Tenerife | Nicole Navigates
Tenerife | Nicole Navigates

I shared photos instantly

I was tagged by Ellie at Ellie Bear Escapades in a photo on Instagram by Kirsty Leanne about how Kirsty doesn't tend to post photos instantly and in the moment, but instead, builds up a library of content to post later.

This has often been the case with me too as I don't always have time or always feel like shooting content, especially if I'm not feeling 100% or I don't look my best. But whilst in Tenerife, that was not the case.

90% of my photos taken in Tenerife were posted in that moment. No waiting about to post it another day, but my Instagram turned into an instant diary of what we were doing currently. It was so refreshing and it meant I could share my experience with my followers more easily.

I only posted one AD-Gifted post during my time in Tenerife and that, once again, was posted instantly after I took it and it actually gained such high levels of engagement.

It's made me think more about whether there is still a place for instant posting and whether this could be the answer to Instagram's current dip in engagement or not.

Tenerife | Nicole Navigates

I read more books

I’m that person who always says: “I never get time to read books” when actually... I do! I just don’t choose to read books when I can do stuff on my laptop like blogging or watch Netflix.

Obviously, I didn’t have my laptop on me, so I took a few books with me on my trip and I really enjoyed the peace and serenity that a book brought to my holiday. There’s nothing quite like relaxing by the pool with a good book in hand.

I managed to read over half of Louise Pentland’s “Wilde Like Me” which I shamefully have never read before but decided to make it my mission to give it a good stab! I loved it and it certainly is the perfect holiday read for anyone out there looking for a laid back, funny, bubbly women’s fiction.

Tenerife | Nicole Navigates

The weather made me happy

The best part about Tenerife is the fact that you are guaranteed good weather every time you visit. As a summer baby (born in July) I find when the sun is out, I’m much happier.

Tenerife pleased us with plenty of days sunshine and despite putting lots of factor 50 on, I still burned slightly! However, the days sometimes offered a lovely breeze which made for days out a bit easier to walk around.

Regardless of sun burn, the weather in Tenerife boosted my mood instantly and having some sun on my skin even made my skin look and feel better, resulting in a very happy Nicole!

Tenerife | Nicole Navigates

I didn’t feel guilty over what I ate

As some of you may know, I am currently on Slimming World. But let me tell you, I was not eating slimming world approved meals on holiday and I very much enjoyed all the food and drink available!

It’s the first time in a long while I’ve literally eaten like a pig. I enjoyed pizza, pasta, chocolate, cake and all the oh so naughty but oh so nice foods that I've not been able to enjoy properly without going "oooh that's got a lot of syns in it!"

Sure, I know I've probably gained weight and sure, I know it's going to hit me hard when I get weighed, but I know I'll get back on it and for that week off, I bloody enjoyed every minute and all the food I got to enjoy.

Not forgetting all the drinks I had too - the Sangria's went down quite a treat!

I'm going to do a seperate blog post on where we ate in the near future, so keep an eye for that blog post and for some yummy foodie photos!


I was with my girls enjoying myself

And obviously; the best part was I was with two of my best girls having a fab old time reminiscing, bonding and having days of laughter and fun!

I’ve been friends with both of them since school and we have never been on a trip as a threesome, let alone on a plane flight together to an abroad country. If I'm being completley honest, I thought at one point during the holiday, we would end up spatting, as we are three strong characters, I thought something would happen.

Thankfully, we had no spats, no fights or disagreements. We all got on tremedously because we wee all are very simular in what we wanted to do on holiday and we all loved having our afternoon siesta!

Overall, going on holiday with my two girl friends was the threapy I needed. It made me realise just how much I needed the rest and it's reassured me that I can do a girls holiday after previous bad experiences.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. It's not my usual travel guide, experience or hotel review post but I thought it was a lovely topic to write about that ties in with my travel category as the last time I wrote about a travel experience was when I went to Budapest back in January!

I hope it won't be the last time I visit Tenerife, as it's a place that I adore as it is now filled with so many memories with both my family and my two friends. We have made a promise to each other that we will go back every 5 years, so hopefully we'll be seeing Tenerife in 2024!

Have you ever been to Tenerife or on a girls holiday? I'd love to know your thoughts!


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