Influencer and content creation services

Nicole Navigates is a local lifestyle, travel and food blog. There are plenty of ways to work together to create content that stands out and boost your business or campaign. Get in touch below

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I have been a content creator and blogger for 8+ years and have vast experience working with a wide variety of local and nationwide brands and businesses to create content that is unique, fun and authentic. Having experience in marketing, social media, content creation and influencer marketing, I know what pops!

Here are the ways we can work together:

Paid Partnerships

For ultimate coverage and impact, working with me on a paid partnership is a guaranteed way to get your content seen. I can create stand-out and unique content via photography, videography and graphics and I’m open to discussing your campaign requirements. Paid partnerships have set deliverables that both the brand and myself agree to and you as a brand have some creative control over, with approval – so it’s a win-win! These campaigns can be done via my blog and Instagram, Please note: I only work with brands that I would personally use and I feel align with my audience.

PR Products and Experiences

Whilst this doesn’t guarantee coverage, sometimes brands will send me a product or invite me to experiences to try for free. This is only accepted on the basis that they understand that there’s no obligation or expectation for me to create content or share on my blog or channels and I maintain full creative control. If I do share, it’ll be organically and authentically and I only accept products and experiences that I would genuinely use/enjoy and align with my audience.

User-generated content for businesses

I’m also a user-generated content creator (UGC) which means I can create authentic video content for your businesses’ Facebook and TikTok adverts. This content won’t be posted on my own channels (unless you want them to – additional packages available).

My UGC portfolio can be found here but you can also see my rates on my Fiverr gig with examples.