It has been my passion and mission to work with local brands primarily in Northamptonshire by creating content that wows! With 6 years of marketing, content creation, blogging, PR and social media strategy under my belt, I am confident I know what content makes an impact.

There are a few ways I work with brands:

PR Products & Experiences

I am very fortunate that occasionally, brands will send me products to try and test myself. I only accept them if I feel it’s something I would personally enjoy and that aligns with my ethos and on the condition that there is no obligation or expectation for me to create content or share it across my channels.

If I do share, it will be off my own accord and it’s in an organic and authentic way. If I like it and share it, then yay! If you would like to guarantee coverage, please see the next part…

Paid Partnerships & Sponsored work

I sometimes work with local brands and small businesses on a paid partnership basis, which means I am paid to create and deliver content on my blog and social media channels. These partnerships will have set deliverables meaning they have some creative control and will always have the final say before the content goes live.

As always, I only work with brands that align with my local & independent ethos in Northamptonshire and it has to be something I would use myself – because it’s my blog and my audience trust and rely on my content for gathering their local & independent recommendations!

I have been fortunate to have worked with some fantastic local businesses in Northamptonshire. These include:

  • Hamm Tun Fine Deli
  • Northampton BID
  • Local Grocers
  • Birch Beauty & Beauty Delivered
  • Bumblebee Home Interiors
  • Lemon & Bark
  • Pink Clouding
    … and many more (and you could be on this list!)

I have also been fortunate to have worked with big nationwide brands including The Turkey Kitchen, VISA UK and Bo. If your campaign has a local & independent slant to it, I will consider the request.

How can I work with you!?

As mentioned above, I work with businesses on paid partnerships & sponsored campaigns and PR products/experiences, but here’s what I can also do for you:

  • Sponsor a blog post – if you’d like to sponsor one of my existing pre-written blog posts, or would like to be considered in sponsoring an upcoming guide and being the featured business, this would be a great way of increasing your exposure.
  • Affiliates/discount codes – If you would like to give me an affiliate or discount code for me to share with my audience and you feel it’s something they would enjoy, this is a cost-effective way of working together if you’re new to influencer marketing.
  • Speak at events – I am a chatter and have had experiences talking during events, so if you feel I have something to offer (i.e. chatting about local blogging or social media) I am your gal.
  • Giveaways – Running a giveaway is a mutually beneficial way of working together. For a small fee, I can host a giveaway on my platforms which will bring you brand awareness and maybe a few new followers/buyers!

If you’re a small business interested in working on a campaign together or any of them above, my small business sponsorship packages and media kit are available upon request – just click the button below.

I also offer other freelance services which you can check out below.

I found working with you amazing. Honestly, as a first-time business owner, I didn’t know what to expect. I have found the experience fun & challenging at the same time. I personally love how marketing and advertising for a lot of businesses nowadays are focused on bloggers and dare I say “influencers” like yourself, because I love to follow you and many others personally and I always check out businesses recommended by bloggers etc. Working with you personally was great, for a small business the price of your small business sponsorship packages are perfect. The images you took were beautiful that even I was jealous I hadn’t made my cakes look that good. Not to mention the beautiful blog post you wrote for Lemon & Bark that not only encapsulated everything I wish to make the company about but also gave an honest and independent review of what using one of our Bake at Home Kits is really like.
– Iona Palmer, Lemon & Bark
We have worked with Nicole twice and couldn’t be happier. Firstly her social media posts bought us an array of new followers to our pages, all of these were a relevant and authentic audience, people living and eating in the Northamptonshire area. Nicole also wrote a blog post for us about our all-day dining, her photos were excellent and the blog was very detailed. This helped with our marketing strategy of appealing to a more local audience and awareness of our restaurant. Nicole is very professional and you can trust that she will be honest and provide quality content. We would recommend her to local businesses looking to reach out to the local markets or boost their brand awareness.
– April Groves, Highgate House Hotel
Nicole came and did a tour and review of the Albion Brewery Bar. We asked only that it be an honest one – which indeed it was. Too many bloggers post stuff just to get freebies but not Nicole. She provides good honest reviews! Thank you for an amazing job!
– Steve Reid, Friars Farm
I had been following Nicole for a while on Instagram and thought her to be the ideal blogger to invite to review my restaurant. I find her style of blogging/reviewing really inspiring and she has a great eye for detail in her imagery. I wasn’t disappointed when I met Nicole in person, she is just as lovely in real life! Chatting with her made me want to get out and explore Northampton with her!! Would most definitely recommend, and hope to work with her again in the future!
– Kellie Griffin, La Terraza Tapas Bar

Please note:

I prefer not to work with chain restaurants or national brands; as I want to shout about the independents in the area – however, I will consider it if your campaign or product has a local & independent slant on it.

If you are hoping to gift me a product (firstly, thank you!) but it’s important to note that I do not accept gifts as payment for content creation. However, I do feature any gifts that I receive and love, with no obligation to post. 

All of my content will follow and abide to the ASA Guidelines. Please read my disclaimer for more information.