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Daniel Granger Hairdressing | Nicole Navigates

[AD – Gifted] I received a complimentary cut, wash and blow-dry and 25% off my colour treatment. Please read more in my disclaimer

Nicole Navigates. Doing a review about hairdressers!? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!

For full transparency, I had the opportunity of meeting Daniel and some of his team back in December during the Northampton BID Golden Ticket campaign and I have to say, I immediately felt a positive vibe and warm welcome from when I first walked in.

Plus, I had mentioned a couple of times to my friends how I didn’t feel like I had found “the one” when it comes to a reliable hairdresser that I could trust, felt relaxed and at ease knowing I was in the hands of professionals, plus, one that didn’t cost an arm and leg for certain services.

So when Daniel Granger Hairdressing offered me a complimentary cut and blow-dry and 25% off my colour treatment, I was a little nervous over the prospect of trying a new hairdresser, but also open-minded to potentially finding ‘the one’. 

For a bit of background, Daniel Granger Hairdressing is an award-winning salon based on Abington Street in Northampton and was founded by salon owner and Schwarzkopf Ambassador, Daniel Granger, whom you may also know as ½ of the hair team on E4’s The Body Fixers (don’t you just love that show!?)

Daniel Granger Hairdressers is home to some of the UK’s most talented and passionate professionals in the industry, from senior stylists, designers and vision directors.

You are in very capable hands and they are there to guide and inspire you to build a partnership between you, your hair and your story. 

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by the man himself, Daniel, to which point I had my coat taken from me and hung up and was escorted to my seat ready for my treatment. 

You also get greeted by Enzo, Daniel’s best friend, who happens to be a cute dog!

I had high expectations and I was excited to see my new look at the end…


Prior to my appointment, I came in for a patch test to ensure I wasn’t going to have any horrid effects with the dye, which is standard procedure when it comes to visiting new hairdressers for the first time. 

I was then greeted by Emma Holmes, Vision Director who would be doing my hair for me. She asked me exactly what I was looking to achieve with my hair; overall, get rid of the blonde highlights and my muddy natural brown hair and go for something darker and bolder.

I always liked the idea of having chocolate brown hair that was vibrant, but I had no idea how I would achieve it. Emma was really clear and precise in what we could do with my hair in order to achieve the right results.

She isn’t afraid of giving her own opinion and like her and her whole team, you’re left feeling inspired and that you’ve been given the correct advice. 

I was able to look at the different hair colour samples and pick which ones I wanted to mix together to create the right tone. I was excited (and a teeny bit nervous over the prospect of changing my hair up in a big way) but Emma reassured me it would look great once done.

Once colours were picked, I was offered a cup of coffee to enjoy and I waited for the process to begin…

Getting my dye on!

As I was going from lighter to much darker, I had to have a treatment on my hair first, before the coloured dye went on. Emma kindly talked me through the process and reassured me it was going to come out exactly how I wanted it.

During the whole process, Emma and I got on like a house on fire. Do you ever have hairdresser experiences when you sense that the hairdresser isn’t very chatty? Or perhaps you’re not very comfortable with chatting to your hairdresser because you sense a certain vibe from them?

Not Emma; I felt incredibly comfortable with her from the word go and we ended up having a good ol’ chit chat about everything under the sun – this is something that is incredibly important to me when it comes to finding a hairdresser you get on with and trust. 

The dye was starting to set in and overall, it didn’t take too long – but I could already see just how dark I was going! 

Whilst I was waiting for my hair dye to set in, I was asked whether I would like another hot drink (hot chocolate yaaasss) and I was able to get my laptop out and work from the little dressing table in front of me.

Absolutely perfect if, like me, you work remotely and need to do some work. They have a good, strong wifi network, so I was able to use the time waiting practically.

Now relax…

When I’m at the hairdressers, I won’t lie, I want to be pampered and looked after. I truly believe going to the hairdressers should be a crucial part of pampering yourself and an essential part of your routine…

So when it came to washing my hair, I was THRILLED that they had vibrating massage chairs which I laid down on whilst I was getting my hair washed, conditioned and I was even given a Schwarzkopf treatment on my hair which I ended up purchasing a pot of because I loved it so much.

The young girl who treated me was good in asking me if the temperature of the water was okay for me and she made sure I was comfortable prior to her washing my hair.

Not only did I get to sit back and relax when my hair was being washed (one of life’s greatest pleasures, don’t you think?) I was also given THREE head massages that made me feel so tingly and relaxed. 

Daniel Granger Hairdressing’s staff know exactly how to treat you from the beginning to the end of your experience – and I felt VERY relaxed. So much so, I requested to stay on the massage chair whilst waiting for some product to set into my hair! 

Once my hair was washed and treated, I was excitedly anticipating what my hair would look like… 

The results? 

Once Emma had given my hair a good trim, blow-dried it to perfection and even waved it for me to get the finished look… I fell in LOVE with my new look!

It looked radiant, healthy and I loved the mix of dark chocolate brown tones with the slight red… it was so different to what I ever imagined it would look like but I LOVED IT!

I officially welcomed myself back to the dark side and I have never felt so glamorous! I was even getting compliments from the other salon workers and clients – it felt wonderful! 

Emma did a magnificent job from start to finish and I was even influenced to buy the Schwarzkopf hair mask which she used on my hair because it made it feel so silky and smooth!

I walked away feeling so satisfied with my whole experience and walked out feeling like a new woman! 

Why you should visit Daniel Granger Hairdressing? 

You’re being treated by the best of the best 

You’re seriously looked after and feel relaxed

You’re stepping into a stunning hairdressing studio that feels like something in London 

It’s a boutique salon experience, for a reasonable price!

Daniel Granger Hairdressing | Nicole Navigates

Overall, it’s well worth the journey for me to come to Daniel Granger Hairdressing because I know I am in capable hands and I have never felt so excited over being part of the DG family – because that is what they make you feel like from start to finish.

I have booked in another appointment in 6 weeks time to check the progress on my hair and to get a tidy up, so I think it’s safe to say I have been convinced and I have found ‘the one!’. 

Have you visited Daniel Granger Hairdressing before? 


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