Afternoon Tea at Kettering Park Hotel & Spa

Who doesn’t love Afternoon Tea?

It was a real treat to have the opportunity to stay at Kettering Park Hotel & Spa with my mum, but the treats didn’t stop there as we were lucky to experience their Afternoon Tea service during Afternoon Tea Week.

I set myself the impossible task of trying as many afternoon tea services as possible during the national week, but alas, I was only setting myself up for failure.

Luckily, Kettering Park Hotel saved the day by offering us their afternoon tea to enjoy and I am so glad we did!

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I am very serious and when it comes to the perfect afternoon tea. I find the most traditional ones should include the basics: fresh cakes, scones and sandwiches.

Kettering Park Hotel definitely delivered the very best selection of freshly baked cakes, freshly made finger sandwiches and the best scone I’ve ever put in my mouth.

From first impressions, the tray came out with three tiers of sweet and savoury treats and the teapots were filled with English Tea, so it was safe to say I was excited to tuck in.



There was a huge array of sandwiches for my mum and me to enjoy: a delicate smoked salmon and cream cheese, a roasted ham and mustard mayo, my favourite which is the classic cheese and pickle, the traditional egg and cress and finally a light but tasty cream cheese and cucumber.

I love items of food that come in miniature or in finger format and each sandwich was layered with just the right amount of filling.

I love how they displayed each tier in sections, with the finger sandwiches at the bottom to start, the scone with the jam and clotted cream in the middle second and finishing off with the cakes for dessert.

Now let’s talk about the scone…

You know it’s truly something special when you get served a perfectly baked scone that is still warm from the oven. And when you go to put your jam and cream on top, it just melts perfectly as you take a bite of the scone in your mouth.


The scone was fruity, crumbly, soft and gave me that melting sensation in my mouth. All complimented nicely with raspberry jam and plenty of clotted cream.

I was so sad that I didn’t have another one because I could have easily had one more.


And the cakes… oh, all the cakes!

Kettering Park Hotel offered a huge selection of mini tea cakes and slices of traditional fruit cake. Obviously, I was very happy about this. Especially when they are freshly baked.

There was nothing that I disliked on the plate, but my favourite part of the cake selection was the creamy and sweet vanilla mousse with raspberry that came in little shot glasses. They were the standout dessert for me, so much so, my mum gave me hers!

We were so full up from everything that we left some cakes on the plate, but luckily, the staff at Kettering Park Hotel were more than happy to package them up in brown paper bags for us to take back to our hotel (perfect for a little nibble!)


Like some traditional hotels who serve afternoon tea, some request guests to wear a slightly more formal smart/casual attire. However, the beauty of Kettering Park Hotel was that guests were dressed for all sorts of occasions; for a leisurely weekend, fresh from the spa wearing their robes, or even dressed up for a special occasion.

Kettering Park Hotel welcomes guests of all types, hence why their Afternoon Tea service can be enjoyed in their relaxing environment – anyone and everyone is welcome to enjoy the exquisite afternoon tea Kettering Park Hotel offer in their lovely surroundings.

It was a wonderful experience that I won’t forget, that heightened our stay at Kettering Park Hotel which I can’t wait to recommend friends to (so that I can go again with them!)


Will you be having an Afternoon Tea at Kettering Park Hotel?

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