Local Grocers: Your Online Farmers Market in Northamptonshire

AD – This is a paid partnership with Local Grocers. 

Looking to shop and support local but still gather at your essential shop? Look no further than Local Grocers.

You may have seen me raving about Local Grocers on my social media pages and it’s because I LOVE what they do and provide, plus what they stand for too.

I’ve actually been working with Local Grocers on their Instagram strategy as part of my consultancy services (small plug there!) as well as working on this ‘everything you need to know’ guide for them; which has been fantastic as I’ve gotten to know more of what they do.

I have been a paying customer of Local Grocers and have made a couple of orders already, so I feel very well invested to tell you all about them, what they do, how it works and how you can benefit from shopping local.

Local Grocers delivery

Who are Local Grocers?

It’s hard to believe David, founder and CEO of Local Grocers only started his venture 5 months ago! David believes that everything tastes better when its local and believes that food has a huge part to play, when it comes to strengthening local communities. 

Since the launch, Local Grocers has become a go-to online farmers market, where you can access local stores of which you can order from and everything is delivered straight to your door – a perfect solution during lockdown and for those who don’t want to visit supermarkets.

Plus, it’s a perfect platform for local small businesses too – as Local Grocers has provided an online directory for them to showcase their products and keep their business running whilst some of their physical shops are shut.

Their mission is to bring you the very best that our community has to offer whether that be from your local butcher, fruit & veg store or vegan store. 

Local Grocers delivery box

Their local artisans give you access to some of their amazing traditional and regional delicacies which aren’t available at normal supermarkets. 

By supporting and shopping via Local Grocers, you are helping to ultimately support your local community. 

Local Grocers also have a strong passion for sustainability as you can guarantee every product sold in supermarkets that claims to be ‘locally grown’ has travelled over 200 miles to be packaged and goes out of date easily.

As you can see, they have provided a lot of good not only for us, but for our local businesses too and ultimately our livelihoods! 

How does Local Grocers work? 

It’s really easy to order from Local Grocers online. They essentially work as if you were visiting your local farmers market. 

You’re able to browse the finest local grocers in your area and choose the produce you want from each store to create your full weekly shop. SUPER handy if you feel a bit frantic sometimes in the supermarkets lately! 

Saxby’s Cider from The Beer Garage

Here’s how it works: 

First, you type in your postcode and all the local stores available in your area will pop up. 

Secondly, you fill your bag from each local grocer. 

One misconception is that you can only shop from one store… nope! You can shop from each store to fill your bag! All the produce you choose will go into the same basket to checkout in one quick process once you’re done!

Then finally, you decide when you want your produce to be delivered as you can choose your ideal delivery day, including whether you want a daytime or evening slot. 

If, for some reason, you find yourself not being at home on your chosen day, it’s really easy to let them know – you can either choose a safe place for your goodies or you can email them beforehand so they can change your slot quickly and efficiently. 

The beauty of all this is that you’re not having to deal with numerous people, or are stuck waiting for hours on end for a reply; you are always dealing with one person and Local Grocers are huge on customer service and making their service as accessible as possible.

If you can’t order online for whatever reason, you can order via their phone number (01604 961320)

Flowers by Charlotte Davies

What can you order on Local Grocers?

The question is: what CAN’T you order!

Honestly, I am so impressed with the amount of produce they already have and Local Grocers already stocks a lot of my favourite Northamptonshire produce! 

Whilst in lockdown too and whilst many of these independent stores deliver, some of them don’t include South Northamptonshire in their delivery radius, so Local Grocers has truly become my go-to for buying local produce further afield that can be delivered to my door. 

You have your typical essential food stores such as Waterloo Cottage Farm, W H Thomas Butchers, Collins Fresh Produce, Hamm Tun Deli and many more. 

Local Grocers even have their own larder where you can buy shop essentials like toiletries (yes, even toilet roll!) dried goods, batteries, household items like dish soap and washing up tablets and even firewood…

The possibilities are endless!

You’ve also got some of your favourite local businesses you know and love including Spread, The Food Library, Ruby & Claret, The Beer Garage and Whisk’d! 

They are always announcing new local stores on their social media platforms, so there’s always new online shops to browse and buy from. 

Other non-foodie stores  include Wilder Floral and Flowers by Charlotte Davies for all your floristry needs, Bletsoe-Brown Animal Feeds for pet supplies, Bluebell Woods Firewood and more to come…

A bunch of eggs

Where do they deliver too? 

Currently, they deliver across Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Leicestershire – you can find all the individual places here

But Local Grocers have BIG plans to expand and are always looking to add more local stores to their remit so they can deliver more local produce across the country! 

My opinion and why to shop local

With everything I promote, I don’t do so unless I 100% believe, trust and would use the service myself.

This is a service I can see myself using well beyond lockdown – because it’s so convenient and fits around my busy schedule, meaning I don’t have to drag myself to a busy supermarket after a long day’s work! 

The website is effortless and easy to use, I can order via my phone or laptop and most importantly, it’s become my one stop shop for all things local produce!

I can’t recommend them enough and believe it’s a service that everyone should experience at least once. 

Local produce from Local Grocers

I mean, I don’t think I need to go on about the reasons why you should shop local. If it wasn’t crucial before, it’s crucial now and will continue to be as we navigate our way out of this lockdown. 

You can also find a bunch of recipes they have created themselves, as well as ones local foodies have submitted, which all use the local produce available to order off their site. Check them out for inspiration! 

Have you experienced Local Grocers yet? You can order online here

This is part of a paid partnership with Local Grocers. See my full disclosure policy here


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