Navigating the Love Northampton Food Fair

The Love Northampton Food Fair made a comeback in 2020 at The Guildhall, Northampton.

I’ve been to quite a few Love Northampton Food Fairs, but I have NEVER, written a blog post about one that’s been featured on my blog – so I’m making a change to that and sharing more of that with you!

I mentioned in my last blog post about the Vegan Market at Abington Park Museum that I wanted to share more about food markets and fairs I attend so I can highlight local food and drink producers even more – because they are small businesses and all of them truly deserve to have the spotlight.

The last time I visited the Love Northampton Food Fair was back in October, where I actually ran the Friars Farm stall which was an experience – so it was nice to go as a visitor, once again!

I found myself spending more time actually standing and speaking to each and every stallholder on the day than actually browsing – it’s so nice that I am now so familiar with lots of local food & drink producers that I am able to catch up with them and ask how their business is. 

I ended up purchasing lots of different things from the day, which if you get to the bottom of this blog post, you will see that I have posted an IGTV Northants Food Haul video! It really was a mouth-watering showcase of the very best the county and beyond had to offer. 

Here is who I saw during the day:

Friars Farm

Steve was back behind the stall and was in full force! He had plenty of his chutneys and jams available, but he also had some big jars of Red Wine Pickled Onions which I couldn’t help but grab my hands on them! 

Check out Friars Farm here.

Dutch Delights

Dutch Delights were back at their first food fair of the year – they have been pretty quiet, but that’s because they have been making new products especially for their return.

They had their usual stroopwafel delights on stand, but their new Rolletjes which is a rolled stroopwafel lined with chocolate and filled with creamed ricotta – delicious!

Check out Dutch Delights here.

Jelley’s Vodka

Oliver was at the Love Northampton Food Fair displaying all of his beautifully designed bottles of vodka, from their Organic Grain Straight Vodka, Elderflower Vodka, to their Pomegranate & Rosemary Vodka. They had samples to try throughout the day and it was lovely to chat with Oliver.

Check out Jelley’s Vodka here. 

Replete Flatbreads

Iain at Replete Flatbreads was back with his display of flatbreads, from The Great British Cheese and Marmite (my favourite!) Gram Flour Flatbread with 3 Cheese and Mushroom, Italian Flatbread with Pesto Filling and much more! Iain is full of chat and banter with Steve, which is always a laugh! 

Check out Replete Flatbreads here.

Hustle Gin

It was lovely to see Philippa, one of the co-owners of Hustle Gin and I can’t help but navigate over to their stall purely for the fact their table is always beautifully laid out with their pretty bottle designs. My favourite of their gins has to be their Orange Blossom Gin! 

Philippa was telling me all about their Gin & Cheese event coming up in May, which tickets are available now. 

Keep your eyes peeled, as myself, Hustle Gin and La Terraza Tapas Bar are planning an event together where details will be coming soon! 

Check out Hustle Gin here!

Well Roasted Coffee

Market Harborough based coffee roasters, Well Roasted Coffee are frequent exhibitors at Northampton Food Fairs but their stand is always so busy, so it was a great chance to chat with the owner and get to know their business more and taste some samples!

I loved the rich taste of the Costa Rica blend. I took some ground coffee home and enjoyed a cuppa on a Sunday morning!

Check out Well Roasted Coffee here.

Whittlebury Bakery

Whittlebury Bakery always guarantees to have the most colourful and fullest table of delicious home-baked products, from iced buns, cakes, gingerbread men, freshly baked loaves of bread and much more. 

It’s so eye-catching and it always reminds me to head to their bakery more often down the road. 

Check out Whittlebury Bakery here.


Not a foodie business as such, but one I will always support and love buying from. I always say FridgeStreet is Northampton’s version of Pokemon where you have to catch them all – Kardi hand draws and designs beautiful pictures of some of Northamptonshire’s buildings which she turns into fridge magnets as well as other merchandise. 

I picked up a few more Northampton buildings for my collection of which I can’t wait to get the full street!

Check out FridgeStreet here.

The Good Loaf

I adore the team and ethos at The Good Loaf, of which you can visit on Overstone Road, All Saints Church and in Kettering and their bread is always something I can’t help but eat through every time I purchase from them. 

They make sourdough, wholemeal and white loafs of bread and each of their shops stock lots of local and independent food and drink producers; they are truly proud of being local. 

Check out the Good Loaf here.


Not a Northamptonshire business as such, but a very active exhibitor around Northampton Food Fairs. OliveOlive are based in Cambridgeshire and make their own blend of Olive Oils, but not only that, they stock some delicious Halloumi Cheese of which they get sent from Cyprus, which is meant to be the best and ‘real’ halloumi. 

After having a taste, I was instantly sold and purchased two for £10. 

I can confirm after trying it grilled with chicken, it’s so firm, but tender and has such strong halloumi flavour! 

Check out OliveOlive here.

Chocolate BonBon

What lovely chocolate designs! From stiletto chocolate statues, to campervan cookies and little boxes of surprises, Chocolate BonBon have some gorgeous custom designs of which can be tailor made for weddings, events and more.

Chocolate BonBon specialise in handmade chocolate and fudge from salted caramel, baileys mint and even white chocolate and raspberry. I picked up a business card, as I know there will be an occasion I’ll order something from her. 

Check out Chocolate BonBon here.


A new local food producer I have recently discovered, thanks to the Love Northampton Food Fair.

It’s always great to discover new businesses! Nakasero brings to Northampton, Chicago’s best kept secret-Giardiniera which is essentially a spicy, tangy Italian pickle made from chillies, peppers, garlic, and crispy vegetables. 

I wasn’t too sure what you would put that with, but the team on stand were very good at educating me on the types of dishes and things you could put it on and with such as on bread, with chilli, etc.

It was lovely to meet Gita, one of the co-owners of Nakasero who is attending my blogging workshop next month! 

Check out Nakasero here.

Ridiculously Rich by Alana

If you remember 2016’s ‘The Apprentice’, you may remember a girl named Alana who won that year’s series for her food business concept “Ridiculously Rich by Alana”.

Jump 4 years later and her business has massively grown and there’s lots of business reps across the country and one of the Northampton business reps, Nicola, was present at the food fair. 

She kindly gave me some complimentary Salted Caramel Slices which were gooey and delicious! Be warned: they are sticky and you might want more than one!

Check out Ridiculously Rich by Alana here.

What’s Poppin’

The yummiest local popcorn ever! What’s Poppin’ popcorn were back with lots of tasters of their classic popcorn flavours, including their Mango flavour which is one of my favourites – but they surprised me with their Winter Spice Caramel flavour!

It tasted like a Gingerbread Latte, which was divine! It’s definitely up there as a new, favourite flavour and I purchased some to take home. Keep an eye out on their Instagram to see where they stock next; they seem to be all over Northamptonshire!

Check out What’s Poppin’ here.

BiteMe Spices

I haven’t seen BiteMe Spices out in a while, but it meant I was able to get my hands on their classic ketchup blend! I’ve been a big fan of their ketchup, so it was no brainer to get some whilst I was there.

It’s got such a unique and different taste to your normal store brought stuff and you can tell BiteMe Spices ketchup is homemade with fresh ingredients and with love. 

Check out BiteMe Spices here.

And if you’ve made it this far – I also filmed another IGTV video as part of my Northants Food Haul. Check it out here.

The next Love Northampton Food Fair will be sometime in October. Keep your eyes peeled for details!

Did you attend the Love Northampton Food Fair?


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