Navigating Lockdown Life in Northamptonshire: Week Two

I hope you enjoyed my last installment of Lockdown life in Northamptonshire I shared last week.

*Warning* I feel this installment is just me going: I’m sad!

So apologies in advance on that, but I have been really enjoying sitting down and writing these posts out for you, whether anyone reads them or not is another question, but for me, it’s therapeutic. 

I am trying my best to catch up as much as possible, so forgive me that we are currently in week 9(!?) and I’m only getting round to posting week 2, but here is my little diary entry of what happened during the 2nd week of lockdown: 

Week 2: W/C 30th March

Monday 30th March

I’ve woken up feeling drained as I didn’t get the best sleep last night. My mind felt like it was whirling around and I couldn’t do anything to switch off. 

Luckily, our lovely neighbour, Ben, dropped off some hot cross buns as a thank you for giving him some milk, so that was something nice to look forward to for breakfast!

I started the day working at my office desk, which always gives me the good start I need for a Monday and a working week, but due to feeling so drained, I somehow slowly navigate my way to the sofa. Sometimes, just sometimes, I find it a comfort to work from the sofa and it means I can work next to Josh. 

The day is steady and I find work such a good distraction right now from what’s happening in the world until… news just in: Boris has been tested for coronavirus. Shit.

What on earth is happening to this country!? 

The day ends with me feeling bored out of my brain and kinda stuck in a rut over what to do.

I decide making biscoff brownies was the way forward, following from last week when one of our neighbours gave us a tub. And they turn out SUPER DUPER!

My day ends feeling accomplished over completing lots of work tasks as well as making brownies. 

Tuesday 31st March

I don’t know about you, but I find that I put all my pep and energy into Monday that by Tuesday, I feel absolutely knackered! 

I decide that today is a soft office working day, which is SUCH a treat! I’m also starting to read the Wilde series by Louise Pentland which I am thoroughly enjoying!

I’ve also treated myself to making the TikTok whipped coffee trend… however, it doesn’t quite turn out how I wanted it so I order myself a mini milk whisk from Amazon in hopes to improve it! 

We succumb to a pizza delivery for lunch because we were both feeling pretty low and just couldn’t be bothered to make lunch.

Sometimes, pizza is the way forward. I wish I could say it was ordered from an independent place, but sadly, no place was open on a Tuesday afternoon so we had to succumb to a chain. 

It was good. Sometimes you just need it and if I’ve learnt anything from this lockdown, sometimes you’ve just gotta have a bit of indulgence to cheer you up!

Wednesday 1st April

I wake up and look at my phone and can’t quite believe it’s April. I am SO thankful as March felt like such a long slog and I’m thankful it’s all behind us as it was such a rocky rollercoaster. 

I slip on any comfy clothes, hair up, no makeup which feels like my regular uniform nowadays. Until we get a knock on the door…

The lovely Steve from Friars Farm is in his truck and says hello to us from afar as he drops off some goodies for us which I previously ordered from the Northants Online Food & Drink Market. It was nice to actually have a chat with another human being and especially one from the food and drink market world. 

It feels like a world away since I’ve had any communication with any local food and drink producers. Gosh, I miss attending food fairs!

He drops off some chutneys and jams for us which I straight away take a photo of!

My day is spent mainly working on the sofa, as my desk feels like a hard place to work right now whilst my emotions are up and down and it gives me time to read the rest of Wilde Like Me (I love Robin already!)

Dinner was a dream: stir fry prawns with grains – yum! Followed by a walk around our neighbourhood, it leaves me feeling refreshed and content. We also took part in the weekly quiz that the 60’s Bar in Tenerife is holding which we were recommended to join by my parents! 

I go to bed feeling content. 

Thursday 2nd April

Category is: joggers and slippers with unmatched socks chic. 

I don’t know how others manage to have the motivation to get dressed up and put makeup on, as it feels like the last thing I want to do. 

However, work is steady and good and we have lots of exciting things in the making, Josh and I actually commit an hour lunch break together and sit down to enjoy a nice tomato and bacon pasta whilst watching reruns of Friday Night Dinner. 

I am still struggling in my mind mentally over writing blogs and making a bit more of a presence on my social media. I just don’t have the drive at the moment, which upsets me, but I guess I need to take this as a sign to look after myself and know I’ll be ready soon.

Dinner is another fabulous creation from one of our Hello Fresh boxes and it’s followed by another evening walk which we have been pretty good at committing to – again, I don’t think we’ve ever done so much walking!

We walk all the way into town and around – probably one of our biggest weekly walks we’ve done, so we treat ourselves to some snacks and go straight to bed at 9!

Friday 3rd April

I officially call this day: working at home at my desk in pyjama’s! 

I slightly feel guilty, but this week, I am just trying to be kinder to myself and working in PJ’s feels like the right thing to do, so I can just crack on! However, a turn of events: my milk whisk came so I am able to successfully make my first TikTok whipped coffee which tastes really GOOD!

What a Friday treat!

I’m grateful to have friends who WhatsApp me to say they are both working in Pj’s too which makes me feel a bit better. God, I miss them!

However, work leaves me feeling creatively challenged and accomplished after completing a task which I had to overcome. I love the challenges my job brings me and I am constantly learning so much. Something to smile over!

I end my Friday working day the best way I know how: by getting straight in the bath and watch YouTube videos. I feel super chill ahead of the weekend as we sit down and enjoy a homemade curry made by moi made even nicer with our Friars Farm Mango Chutney – delish!

We have now started Attack of the Clones after a bit of a break from Star Wars and I am enjoying the fact Josh and I have agreed to something we both enjoy to watch as it’s incredibly difficult to agree on something. During the film, a knock on the door happens…

My Brooklyn Brownies arrive! Happy Friday to us!!!

Saturday 4th April

That’s it: no more sitting in pyjamas! I decide to straighten my hair, do my makeup, put some nice clothes on and I even ask Josh if he can take a photo of myself sitting casually on the stairs because, why not?

It’s been a while since I posted on my social media properly so now feels like a good time to update everyone on how I am feeling. 

We go for a big walk and decide to go and see my parents again from afar in their back garden. I’m not sure if this is doing me any good or not, but I just crave seeing them.

And I was right. I came away with streams of tears with the horrid achy feeling of not being able to see my parents and I feel low over the fact I was so determined to have a ‘normal’ day where I got dressed up, put something nice on my face and have a day where I don’t feel low.

This results in me getting back in pyjamas and getting cosy in bed for the majority of the afternoon. One thing that cheers me up is watching Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat which is on YouTube as part of ‘The Show Must Go On’ series. 

I forgot how good that film was.

My mood slowly gets better as I try to take care of myself and Josh has done a marvelous job of cooking the most delicious steak and chips dinner – needed! I also crack open a bottle of Fleur Fields sparkling wine which I’ve had in the cupboards for ages but still tasted so nice!

As I’m not really in the mood to watch anything too heavy where I have to use my concentration, we decide to just stick Recess on Disney+ which we are determined to finish (we didn’t realise just how many episodes there were!?)

Sunday 5th April

A new day, a Sunday. Bliss.

The morning begins with a lovely sausage sandwich made on nice sourdough bread, alongside coffee. We are taking it easy today, that’s for sure!

I take a lot of time to sit outside when the sun appears, just to reflect on how I am feeling – overall, this week has been a low one for me, but I am hoping as the weeks go on, my mood lifts and I get used to this ‘new normal’. 

It’s been the first day that we’ve had sunshine in the garden, which does lift my mood a bit, alongside just watching lots of Disney+ (again, best purchase ever!)

The day ends with making fajitas after we (when I say we, Josh went in and I stayed in the car) to get fajita ingredients as we both had a craving and just spend the rest of the day enjoying telly. 

Here’s to a new (and hopefully happier) week! 

As you can see from this installment, this week was particularly a sad one for me and I remember feeling really sad every day over the situation adn trying my best to climb myself out of it – as the week’s go on, it’s interesting to see how things change!

Keep an eye for week 3’s update!

Are you enjoying these little lifestyle lockdown updates? How did you feel during the 2nd week of lockdown? 


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