23rd February 2018

Clearways Standard Espresso Roast Review


I’m back with another coffee review, thanks to Liquid Culture.

I’m always keen to try new coffee blends, to venture outside of my comfort zone and outside my usual coffee tastes. My usual coffee order at a chain coffee shop is a flat white with a shot of vanilla, or maybe a caramel macchiato if I’m really needing a coffee and sugar kick (which is 80% of the time).

However, I do enjoy your bulk standard coffee: milk, no sugar usually for me.

So when I first came across the Clearways Standard Espresso Roast, which is described as “Balanced, creamy espresso with subtle notes of toast, walnut bitterness and milk chocolate.”

Safe to say, I was intrigued to try it.

Clearways Standard Espresso Roast

Again, like the Brooklands Standard Espresso Roast, I wanted to review this coffee blend properly by trying it in different coffee drinks. I tried this coffee blend in a latte, flat white and cappuccino format.

This coffee blend is much smoother on the tongue, compared to the Brooklands Standard Espresso Roast, as it feels like it’s gliding on my taste buds more, as opposed to having a harsh taste on the first sip.

The taste was nutty, with a slight aftertaste of dark chocolate, as opposed to milk chocolate,  making this coffee quite bitter. However, in a latte, the consistency of the milk made this good to drink – next time, I would have added some sugar or syrup to make the drink a bit sweeter.

I agree that this coffee blend is indeed balanced and creamy in small doses. However, I found this coffee blend went very well in a flat white format, because of its intensity. And I like nothing more than an intense and strong flat white coffee.

If you’re a fan of bitter and strong coffee, the Clearways Standard Espresso Roast is the perfect blend for you. Personally, I would need this blend to be a bit sweeter with the help of a Monin syrup or some sugar. It will certainly give you a boost you need!

However, I love that Liquid Culture have such an array of coffee blends and espresso options that will suit anybody and everybody’s tastes.

Do you like the sound of the Clearways Standard Espresso Roast? Would you be keen to try it? 

*This is a collaboration with Liquid Culture and I was given the coffee beans in exchange for a review. As always, all photos and opinions are my own.*

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