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Lush Northampton | Nicole Navigates
[AD – PR experience] I was invited to LUSH Northampton for their 30th birthday bath bomb extravaganza.
Lush Northampton | Nicole Navigates

I feel like I’ve been taken back to 2015 when I used to blog about my favourite LUSH products when I first started blogging, so this feels weird, nostalgic but so joyful to write about my favourite brand at my favourite local store all over again.

But what’s nice about this blog post, is that I was inspired to write this after being kindly invited to the LUSH Northampton 30th Bath Bomb Extravaganza event on Saturday 30th March, but also, it reminded me just how much I love LUSH as a brand and how much I love going into the store – so as it’s promoting somewhere in Northamptonshire, I feel it fits into my content niche perfectly.

I’m very grateful that we have a LUSH store in Northampton, as I’m not sure where else I would spend my LUSH product money! But nevertheless, they have some great events on throughout the year, so of course, they had to celebrate the fact it was LUSH’s 30th Birthday Bath Bomb Extravaganza – this was a great chance for local bloggers, influencers and local people to come together and see what new LUSH bath bombs have been released especially.

Lush Northampton | Nicole Navigates Lush Northampton | Nicole Navigates Lush Northampton | Nicole Navigates Lush Northampton | Nicole Navigates Lush Northampton | Nicole Navigates

On the day of the event, I was kindly shown around the shop by the lovely Will, who’s passion and love for the products shone through immediately. He was more than happy to share all the latest products with me, their ingredients and what the benefits the ingredients can bring to your skin when dropped in the bath.

He really took into consideration some of my favourite scents and was able to show me one’s that had similar scents and qualities.

My favourite LUSH Bath Bomb’s out of the one’s he showed me were Geode, Tumeric Latte and Melusine which I ended up purchasing along with lots of other goodies!

IMG_2511 IMG_2460

Afterwards, it was time for myself and Jenn from Wishful Luxury to get our hands dirty by making our very own LUSH Bath Bomb. We were talked through the whole process from the very start and were able to make our own bath bomb from scratch.

IMG_2500 IMG_2502 IMG_2494

Surprisingly, it’s not as hard as I once thought it would be! It was a quick process, though very messy! But it was nice to take away something that I made myself which I could be proud of. LUSH Northampton hold lots of bath bomb making sessions throughout the year, so it’s always worth checking their social media out.

I was able to go away with all my products that I purchased, along with a cute goodie bag that contained bits and pieces, including vegan bath bomb chocolates and even a bath bomb chosen by LUSH themselves based off from what I said my favourite bath bomb was.


Why you should love the LUSH Northampton store

Whilst I’m talking about LUSH and how much I enjoyed the event, I thought I would share my reasons why I love the LUSH Northampton store:

The staff

Everytime I walk into the store, I am always recognised by at least one staff member in there. The staff members are truly a credit to that store and they are always on hand to help.

The location

It’s situated literally smack bang in the middle of the bottom floor of the Grosvenor Centre and you know exactly when you arrive, as you can smell all the lovely scents wafting from the shop.

The variety of products

Lush Northampton have always got a huge stock of products in store, which is amazing when I’m looking for something new or looking for an existing product. Even when they don’t have something in, they are great at ordering it in. But I can never take myself away because every time I do go in, there is always something new!

Social media engagement

*Despite LUSH UK shutting down their social media channels* LUSH Northampton are very much still active! They love getting feedback from their customers on Instagram stories where they ask which bath bombs they want to see in store and they always have the most colourful feed and the most creative staff who put on awesome stories.

IMG_2508 IMG_2482 IMG_2536

With the new Bath Bomb range, they are now asking the people of Northampton on what LUSH Bath Bomb’s are their favourites – this means whatever the popular vote is, they will sure listen and do exactly what the public wants!

Navigate your way to LUSH Northampton

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Have you visited LUSH Northampton? Will you be popping in soon to check out the latest bath bombs?

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