My Northamptonshire Post-Quarantine Bucket List

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Oh hey, so you know that Northamptonshire Bucket List I created? Well, currently none of it is being ticked off due to obvious reasons.

I’m missing normality, as I’m sure everyone is right now, but what’s keeping me going (despite all my emotions and breakdowns I seem to be having lately – poor Josh!) is what I am looking forward to doing when all this blows over.

It’s all stuff I’ve done already, so no “what I haven’t done” bucket list, but nice, normal things I enjoy doing in Northamptonshire that I CAN’T WAIT to do all over again when we are allowed out and about again and when businesses are allowed open.

It’s important to bear in mind before I do ANY of this, the first thing I’m going to do is literally race down to my family’s house and give the biggest hug to my parents, brother and dog!

But after that, here’s what I want to do when everything is back to normal. I hope this post is just something nice to read: 

  • Get my hair done at Daniel Granger Hairdressers
  • Sit in Ten Hands Cafe Bar with a coffee and enjoy a book
  • Go for a big Northants drive from one end to the other of the county
  • Walk around big wide open spaces like Delapré Abbey, Harlestone Firs, Sywell and Abington Park
  • Visit all my food producer friends at the next food market or fair
  • Eat all the street food at BiteStreet NN and any food festival 
  • Go to a spa overnight, be pampered and have afternoon tea 
  • Eat all the tapas at La Terraza Tapas Bar
  • Mooch around Vintage Retreat 
  • Have a pale ale at Maule Brewing Co
  • Eat a jacket potato at Matchbox Cafe and talk to Bing and Yasmin 
  • Get on a train at Northampton train station and visit London (kinda Northants based!)
  • Go for a big bar crawl down Wellingborough Road with friends (something I’d usually say no to, but now I could do with a night out!!)
  • See all my Pink Clouding Collab Girls again!
  • Go for a big dinner at June Plum as it’s too far too order takeaway from
  • Visit Lamplighter for an epic roast dinner
  • Host the biggest Northants Bloggers event EVER with lots of businesses involved!
  • Treat ourselves to a fancy fine dining meal at Hibiscus Fine Dining 

There’s probably ALOT more that I want to do that’s on my post-quarantine bucket list but this is what’s currently on my mind. Some of it’s so simple and normal, but I think we are all craving that at the moment.

Here’s what you guys said you’ll be doing after all this blows over when I asked on Instagram stories:

  • Go back to BiteStreet NN
  • Walk aling Abington Park
  • Visit All Saints Church
  • Have a beautiful expensive meal at Fox & Hounds
  • Syresham to visit parents
  • Eat at The Smoke Pit and drink coffee at Yellow Bourbon
  • Explore Vintage Retreat
  • Watch a Rugby game at Franklin’s Gardens
  • Eat at 7Bone
  • Have a roast dinner at The Lamplighter
  • Visit Castle Ashby Rural Shopping Yard
  • Eat at Zapato
  • Visit The Ark
  • …And the PUB!!!!

And just in case you’re looking for even more inspiration for when all this blows over, you can head to my 100 Fun Things You Must Do In Northamptonshire blog post where you can sign up to receive my FREE downloadable!

What’s on your Northamptonshire Post-Quarantine list? Let’s lift spirits and look forward to a brighter future!


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