The Best Independent Bakeries in Northamptonshire

Don’t you just love a good old fashioned bakery? 

I love nothing more than seeking a local independent bakery that has the most amazing baking smells everytime you walk in – I love to grab something good like a fresh loaf of sourdough bread to take home with me to toast and cover in lashings of butter!

From homemade bread, cakes, donuts, puddings, pastries and even cronuts, Northamptonshire has a variety of bakeries that do it all. 

For my latest Northants Food Guide, I have put together some of the best places to go in Northamptonshire for your baked goods. 

I wanted to write this post and go ahead in publishing it, in hopes you can aim to visit these places when all this Covid-19 stuff is over and done with.

But it’s also worth noting that some of the below are also great places to go if you’re looking for your essential items during the Coronavirus outbreak and lots are hustling together cupboard and tinned goods, as well as fresh bread, milk and pasta (I’ll share more details below)

Here are top picks for bakeries in Northamptonshire: 

Whittlebury Bakery

Whittlebury Bakery is your alternative to your supermarket as they are responsible for mass-producing homemade bread and sweet treats without adding the ‘artisan’ price tag.

Just a short drive from Towcester to the picturesque village of Whittlebury, it’s a hub for all your needs. 

The Best Northamptonshire Bakeries | Nicole Navigates

Run by Andrew and a team of experienced bakers, they work and have been working exceptionally hard to produce the best quality goods at the lowest price which they can sell in their shop as well as deliver. 

They make the biggest ice buns I have ever seen in my life, but they also make delicious homemade sourdough loaves which we love driving to their shop to grab. They also have a coffee shop too!

During this time, they have closed the coffee shop, however, you can still come by the shop (one at a time or in couples) to grab your essentials, plus they are offering local delivery by calling 01327 831085. 

Check out their website here. 

The Best Northamptonshire Bakeries | Nicole Navigates
The Best Northamptonshire Bakeries | Nicole Navigates

The Good Loaf

The Good Loaf is more than just a bakery and coffee shop, but it’s a unique social enterprise that are passionate about giving people a chance whilst producing delicious artisan bread made in Northampton and Kettering. 

The passion and the drive that you witness from Suzy Van Rooyen, Manager of The Good Loaf, and her team is outstanding. Everyday, their bread is entirely hand-crafted and baked daily at sunrise to serve to the people of Northamptonshire. 

But making bread isn’t the half of it; they are passionate about putting vulnerable local women into real employment to help break the cycle of poverty, unemployment and offending.

The Best Northamptonshire Bakeries | Nicole Navigates

Everytime you visit their bakery and coffee shop, you can see how well treated the paid workers, volunteers and women on work placements are.

Not only will you be able to grab a load of freshly made bread, but there’s also the usual cakes, pastries, iced buns and more that have been baked and made with care and dedication by the team.

Plus, they also stock lots of local produce including Mellow Yellow Oils, Newlands Farm Local Milk and more. 

In response to the current situation, they are now operating a ‘Click and Collect’ service which you can order your goods before 2pm which will be available the following day. Just call 01604 824 084.

Check out their website here.

The Best Northamptonshire Bakeries | Nicole Navigates
The Best Northamptonshire Bakeries | Nicole Navigates

The Little Bakery of Happiness 

The Little Bakery of Happiness has been tickling taste-buds since 2013, but in 2019, the dream of owning a shop became a reality for Vicky when she made home at Nene Court Shopping Village and has been growing and glowing ever since.

It is Northamptonshire’s award-winning gluten-free bakery-patisserie who hand make sweet and savoury treats for their walk-in bakery and for wholesale. They are known for the famous ‘Northamptonshire Brunchie’ which is one for the Northants Bucket List. 

The Best Northamptonshire Bakeries | Nicole Navigates

They believe all baked goods should be accessible for everyone, no matter what dietary requirements you have. 

At the moment, in order to be able to enjoy the happy gluten free magic at home, Vicky is putting together an online ‘Bake Yourself Happy at Home’ online shop where you can purchase gluten-free mixes, flour, shortcrust pastry mix and even granola so you can make your own at home. 

During the current situation, shop hours are limited but there’s an online shop available – but it’s worth a visit to this sweet bakery when all this blows over. 

Check out their website here. 

The Best Northamptonshire Bakeries | Nicole Navigates

Duston Village Bakery

Can we firstly appreciate just how lovely their building is!? 

Duston Village Bakery is a family bakery situated in the heart of Duston (with roots back to 1925!) who pride themselves on serving homemade cakes, goods, birthday cakes, pastries and much more using local ingredients and traditional methods. 

Inside, you will find a lovely counter displaying lots of home baked goods (including some very good looking Maltesers slices!) as well as local products including Hamm Tun Fine Foods cheese, Friars Farm chutney and much more.

The Best Northamptonshire Bakeries | Nicole Navigates

Not only that, they also have their own pop-up essential shop if you’re wanting to avoid the supermarkets. From flour, cereal, to sugar and meringues! 

At the moment, they have lots of workers and volunteers helping in order to deliver lots of good and baked goods to local people who are in isolation and their shop hours vary, so best to check their Facebook page for more details.  

Check out their website here. 

Bread & Circus Daventry

A bakery by day, a pizzeria at night. Bread & Circus has been serving the people of Daventry and beyond with it’s sublime baked goods!

They are a family-run business who I have had the pleasure of visiting and getting to know, ever since our first trip back in January and for me, it’s always worth the drive from Towcester to enjoy their daytime bakery as well as their evening pizzeria. 

Their key values are all about providing fresh, additive-free, recipes made from scratch. Every one of their products is either vegetarian or has a vegan alternative, so everyone can enjoy it. 

Currently, the restaurant itself is closed, but you can still order products to takeaway including their daily bakery items such as homemade sourdough loaves, pastries, cakes and their famous cruffins, plus you can order from their pizza menu during the evening to take away – call and collect is available and sometimes even on the same day. 

Check out their Facebook page.

Whilst you may not be able to visit, I hope you can keep these bakeries in mind for when you’re looking to stock up on essentials, order something sweet or something to be delivered to your door. 

What Bakeries do you love in Northamptonshire? Let me know and I’ll navigate my way there (eventually!) so I can add it to this Northants Food Guide (when I can navigate again!)

Which bakery in Northamptonshire listed is your favourite?


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