Visiting Delaprè Abbey: 900 Years of History

Delapré Abbey | Nicole Navigates

You know what, Northampton has got some fascinating places! Delaprè Abbey being one of them.

And as a Northamptonshire blogger, I am always interested in hearing about local events and attractions.

I was invited to the grand opening of Delapré Abbey for two reasons:

  1. I was part of the organisation as the company I work as a Content Creator for were responsible for the management and organisation of the PR and the event itself.
  2. As a local blogger, I wanted to come along and write about the event, as I always want to know what’s going on in my county.

So the two go hand-in-hand! So not only was I busy with the behind-the-scenes PR work, but I was also preparing myself to write about it for the second time on this blog (I felt like I was wearing two brains during the day).

So after writing a very formal, business-like and review about the day for my job, I’m here with my chatty, not-so-formal round-up of how I felt the day went and my honest thoughts, opinions and things I learnt.

So why was there a grand opening? If you live in Northampton or know Delapré Abbey, you’re probably thinking:

But wait, isn’t Delapré Abbey open already!?

Well, technically no. Only the surrounding grounds and the new Orangery is.

After a huge stint of National Lottery Funding, the abbey has been restored to its former glory. It’s two years late in the process, but it’s certainly been worth the wait!

Now, it’s a real hidden gem that’s about to be unleashed to the county of Northamptonshire, so prepare to be curious about what Delapré Abbey has inside…

Delapré Abbey | Nicole Navigates

The Grand Opening of Delapré Abbey

Everyone who was important was in attendance. And the weather was on everyone’s side.

Local press, TV and Radio and even special guest, Sarah Beeny, who was present to make a speech and to cut the ribbon.

The ceremony began in The Orangery, where the crowds gathered for refreshments, before heading outside for the big unveil.

There were speeches from trustees, Rachael Boyd, Director of the Abbey and of course, Sarah Beeny before the big countdown commenced before Delapré Abbey was officially opened.

It’s anticipated to be one of Northamptonshire’s finest tourist attractions…

Delapré Abbey | Nicole Navigates

What’s inside…

You can explore all the rooms situated inside which have been carefully restored to their former glory, or as close to.

Meet characters from the Abbey’s past through five different interactive storytelling zones, that are highly educational and fun for all the family, artwork from previous families who lived in the Abbey, and lots of history and stories of when the Abbey was once a nunnery.

And the unique thing about Delapré Abbey is that you can touch everything. You can take out and read all the books in the library, you can sit on the chairs, touch the furniture and play with all the games that are laid out for kids (and adults who are kids at heart’s) amusements.

There are no boundaries like a typical museum would have. There’s no barriers, no restrictions and no signs telling you not to do stuff, which makes for a very refreshing change.

There is also a shop, which has been open prior to the opening, which has many wonderful gifts, crafts and produce from local suppliers.

Reasons to visit Delapré Abbey

No matter what age you are, Delapré Abbey is accessible to everyone.

Whether you want to walk around the grounds with your dog, go out for a family day out, enjoy the refreshments available at the Orangery, or you want to take advantage of the events – don’t miss out on all the exciting things happening right on Northamptonshire’s doorsteps.

Tickets are not needed to enter the grounds, café or shop but access to the Abbey is ticketed. These are £7 for adults or free for under 18s. A ticket allows access to the stable block including the Battlefield Zone and the main Abbey.

Visit Delapré Abbey for more information.

Delaprè Abbey

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Have you ever visited Delapré Abbey?


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