Navigating Northants in January

My Navigating Northants monthly posts are back for 2020!

I missed out on December’s one, because, well… Christmas!

But I’m making these a firm fixture in my blogging schedule because I really enjoy writing these chatty blog posts where I update you on where I have eaten and navigated to, that I tend not to share on this blog, but on social media.

It’s nice to look back and see how the month has treated me and I like sharing all the positive things! 

January can be a pretty dull month too (I mean, it went on for like 72620323+ days, right?) so it was nice to have some nice things to fill in during the dullest month of the calendar year.

So THANK GOD February is now approaching!

But here are some of the wonderful things I got up to this month: 

Kings Head Syresham

The start of 2020 meant I wanted to tick some places off my Northamptonshire Bucket List and the first one was to visit Kings Head in Syresham which came back to life after an extensive refurbishment.

It’s a quaint, village pub that the locals of Syresham love and since I came to the village twice a week to rehearse for pantomime, it seemed silly that I hadn’t visited before. But it was well worth it!

When I order a steak, I really enjoy it as I don’t have it often, plus on this particular evening, I had a serious craving for one. I went for a Fillet Steak which was cooked to my exact preference, thick, juicy and tasted even better with the drizzled peppercorn sauce on top! 

Kings Head Syresham is also part of the same family as New Inn Abthorpe, which is another bucket list place I need to visit. If it’s as good as Kings Head Syresham, then we are in for a treat!

The Green Loft

Have you ever visited Northampton’s 100% plant-based restaurant? Well, you should because as a meat lover, I loved this!

Myself, Lauren from Cooking It Vegan, Lisa from The Beauty Type and Chanelle from Food & Frolics went for an all foodie bloggers evening out for dinner at The Green Loft.

Not only was it a lovely occasion to get all four of us together, but it was great to eat and explore the food in front of us. 

Everything I ate was great and even the Moussaka, which was 100% plant-based, could have easily contained meat because it tasted so meaty and rich! The cheesecake at the end too made for the perfect finish too!

Lauren and I went and ate at lots of vegan spots around the area and we even made a guide on it together! 

You can read the full Vegan Northants Food Guide here. 

Brackley Central

You know me, I’m always looking to navigate more local coffee shops!

And I have found such a cosy little haven just outside of Brackley that is perfect for me to hide away in, drink coffee and get my head down and work in. 

Brackley Central is based just outside of Brackley and was recently converted from the old railway station into a fully functioning cafe. It’s super quirky inside and still possesses some of the original brickwork and layout from the railway station. 

The decor is really botanical and calming too, with plenty of spaces to work in and great value for coffee and vegan and non-vegan treats! 

I’ll be coming back, as it feels like such escapism since it’s outside of the town, but still near enough to drive into if you fancy a mooch!

Syresham Pantomime rehearsals 

Another Syresham thing well worth mentioning!

February half term is going to be very busy for me, as I will be performing as The Prince in TAKE Your S.E.A.T’s production of Cinderella. I LOVE performing in these shows and this is my 3rd year doing so. 

It’s such a fun week and the thrill of performing gives me such a good feeling. 

Luckily, this year, I have booked two days off work which means I can 100% rest and get myself ready for the evening shows, as previous years (don’t ask me how) I have managed to still work full time and do the shows – which last year, left me feeling very unwell and exhausted! 

Tickets are now available for my pantomime, so if anyone fancies watching me play a Prince (in a slightly camp way!) then you can purchase tickets from the village shop in Syresham, or enquire on the Take Your S.E.A.T Facebook page.

Friend In Me Bakery 

Don’t you just love it when you receive a box of sweet treats?

The lovely Amber, who runs Friend In Me Bakery asked whether I would like to try a box of vegan cupcakes and treats. Obviously, I said yes! 

She came all the way to Towcester to drop them off and the colours, the different layers and the toppings of the cupcakes looked INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t believe the variety she gave me, plus the Brownie and Shortbread included!

My highlights were the Jaffa Cake, Party Ring and White Chocolate and Raspberry. I’d be lying if I didn’t say they were eaten by myself and Josh rather quickly…

Amber is appearing at The Vegan Markets UK Northampton fair on Sunday 9th February, so make sure you go and say hello to her! She is a lovely person and I wish her every success in her small business venture!

Walking around Roade

Roade is a small village in Northamptonshire, near Blisworth and coming back from lunch, we found ourselves wandering around to see what was about.

It’s a picturesque little village with a nice pub, a few shops and everything you could expect in a small village – regardless of how big or small a place is, or how much there is in a location, Josh and I love having random walks around new areas as it’s a great way to get some fresh air. 

I found some nice stone brick walls to pose in front of, which I never posted on Instagram as I changed my hair afterward! More on that in a bit…

I would LOVE to start creating more local guides to villages and towns in Northamptonshire, so let me know in the comments if you would like to see this!

Getting my hair done at Daniel Granger 

You may have seen, I went from muddy brown with blonde highlights, to vibrant dark chocolate brown with hints of red/copper highlights and I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN!

I have been longing to find a new hairdresser, regardless of whether it was down the road from me or not, it’s definitely worth the trip to Northampton because the service, experience and the results were so worth it!

I can’t wait to go back and get a tidy up again from Emma, my fabulous new hairdresser, even if it’s just for a catch-up and to get those amazing head massages when you get your hair washed!

You can read the full review here.

Navigating Home DIY

Meanwhile, when I’ve not been navigating and eating around the county, I have been getting myself equipped with nails, a screwdriver, and electrical tools!

Yes, Nicole has been doing some DIY!

I am pleased I managed to build a radiator cover, to hide the hideous, slightly sticking out one in our hallway, plus I have managed to drill holes in walls in order to put things up like shelves and pictures.

I am super proud of myself, as before moving into our home, I had never picked up a hammer, tools and nails to do something myself – so it’s a big achievement for me!

Now I feel equipped to do a few more things around the house and hopefully, we can have a house update on the blog very soon!

Read more: Navigating Home: My 6 Month House Update

January was fun by the looks of it, but I am excited for an equally as fun, busy and exciting February!

Are you excited to say goodbye to January and hello to February? Let me know which places you want to visit from the places I mentioned above! 


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